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Thread: Final Fantasy XV looks: good, not like a Final Fantasy game

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    The combat reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles' (not that it invented this style of gameplay, but it's the one I played the most that features it), which may seem messy at first, but there is quite a bit of strategy there, especially on the tougher fights.

    I may get this when it's on a discount.

    Man, now I want to replay FFVI...

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    Xenoblade wasn't nearly so chaotic. It played out more like an MMO, and it seemed you had considerably more control over your friendly AIs.

    Speaking of which, that's a game I need to get around to beating one of these days.

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    El Shagmeister
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    A one-player MMORGP, yup. Well, some of the later fights could get crazy, but yeah, I always found it for the most part mostly maneagable.

    ProTip: want to finish it? Don't go doing every sidequest there is....(I did that).

    Really awesome game. Wish it had come out for the PS3.

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    SqEnix partnered with Nvidia to deliver a PC tech demo with high quality FFXV assets running on GTX1080Ti. Another sign that a high grade PC port is inevitable.

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    Apparently, yes! It'll be added as a free addition, at some point.

    Ok, the physics aren't super-impressive, particularly the collision with the rock there looks a tad unconvincing, but it's still a huge improvement over the regular on-rails Regalia. Very nice.

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    PC port now or GTFO

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    Episode Gladiolus is out tomorrow.

    "The update that aims to fix the game's controversial Chapter 13" reads the youtube description. I actually played through most of Chapter 13 last weekend, and while I greatly enjoyed it I can also see why some people wouldn't. It deviates sharply from how the game has played up until that point, removing your teammates and the open world in favor of having Noctis by himself, hunting keycards to unlock doors in tight, linear, spooky corridors, taking on enemies with the help of new powers. It almost feels like it turns into a Resident Evil game or something for that one chapter.

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    Ok, done with FFXV. It was pretty good! Dunno what to say about it. I enjoyed my trip with the boys, though no part of it really amazed me or anything, but then again there were very few parts I disliked as well. So yeah, good stuff.

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