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Thread: Underworld Ascendant

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    Yeah, the darkness was ramped up due to demand from people on the forums. Finding a torch is almost a requirement at this point and it's not guaranteed that you find one, as the loot is randomised.

    Also, you can manipulate objects before placing them -- right mouse button to rotate and mouse wheel to zoom in and out, IIRC. Makes things like stacking crates a bit easier, but they're also working on making objects more sturdier so that they wouldn't topple so easily from your movement.
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    I also felt that I wanted a darker game after playing one of their earlier releases however on reflection I realised that I just wanted it to look less cartoony, with a more subdued palette. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the same for others as well.

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    They bumped their call for playtesters today:

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    On the one hand, I backed this and being a playtester sounds pretty cool. On the other hand, I'm afraid it's so far down the suck path that nothing can save it and I'd rather not be a helpless party to that.

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