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Thread: TTF-versions of the Thief fonts?

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    TTF-versions of the Thief fonts?

    I'm trying to find TTF-versions of the T2 fonts found in intrface.crf (e.g. f_scrp12.fon), so I can use them in for example GIMP, but I have only found the "j.d." font yet. Do TTF-versions even exist for the others and, if so, what are they called? Are they free to download and use?

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    The Carlton font is available as a TTF. I don't know about the others.

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    Thanks. I already have Carleton, though. I should have said that from the start. These are the ones I have (in addition to Carleton):
    Dark11 (although it seems corrupt)
    Mason (several different versions)

    Most of them were downloaded from The Circle (which is currently down, by the way) a couple of years ago, but none of them are the ones I'm looking for.

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    j.d. is here:




    I'm not familiar with 'Steve'

    I haven't installed them but they seem to be free, but I don't know if that's genuine free or free like a music video on youtube.

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    Thanks. He already has all those, but I didn't, so thanks for the links.

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    Oh, I misread his post.

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    Does someone know what is the fonts type of the original logo? Can't find it anywhere...

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    Spot on, Chris.

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