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Thread: Top Games Ever For Various Categories

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    Registered: Dec 1998
    Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    Well, you might have a small performance penalty doing so, I'd imagine. Though I haven't tried it to compare.

    For notes, I just had a notebook beside me instead. Low tech solutions FTW

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    Performance penalty - Yes

    Game runs at 15-25 fps usually. I've kinda got used to it, so meh it's fine. For the convenience of better controls, I'll take that hit. Only thing I can't stand is when the audio bugs up. Sounds like someone running fingernails down a blackboard. Luckily I've only ever encountered that twice, and I've been playing this game 3-8 hours a day most days.

    New versions of the emulator come out every 2-4 weeks so with that brings occasional improvements.

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