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Thread: Looking for FU3 patch v2.0 US

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    Looking for FU3 patch v2.0 US

    Hi all - just found this forum and joined today.

    I have resurrected my old friend Flight Unlimited III on my older PC and am in need of the patch LG had for FU3 to fix some of the bugs. I thought I had the patch saved to a floppy but cannot locate it. Anyone have it? As it seems all the old links for the patch found in a google search are all dead.

    I'm looking for the V2.0 US version of the FU3 patch.

    My system is:
    Compaq - running a Pentium 4 - 2.66 GHz - XP Home SP3
    1024megs DDR ram
    ATI Radeon 9000 series 128meg on AGP slot
    1920 x 1080 LED monitor

    I can run 1024 x 768 in either normal or 3D mode. In normal I get all the taxiway bugs and the sky has that horrible banding look. These problems go away in 3D mode. In either case there is a lot of distortion to the distant ground scenery but it seems a bit better in the 3D mode. In either mode I'm getting between 36 and 60+ fps and that is with all the scenery sliders set to maximum right and haze on lowest setting.

    Game play is very stable and the only lockup happens when I try to go back to flying after viewing the map. If I pause before going to map, sometimes it will return to flying without a lockup but not always.

    I'm hoping the patch will fix these minor problems. I tried the ddfix changes but they do not work with the windows XP. If I can't find the V2.0 US patch I might just go ahead and try windows 7 and the ddfix upgrade.

    Thanks in advance for any help from the TTLG community !

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    Flight Unlimited III has been on my list to play for a while since I found a "sold out" version of it for 1p in a bargain bin - I think the shop was just desperate to get rid of it!

    I've just checked the disk and there is a patch included which has a readme file identifying it as version 2.0 so it may be the one you're looking for. Patch is here, readme file is here. I can't guarantee that it's the US version (and not some other version that they've released) but hopefully it's of some use.

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    That does look like the right one. I will install it tomorrow and give it a test run.

    I have FS2004 too but there are just some things in FU2 and FU3 that are so cool to play again ....... great software that was very much ahead of its time.

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