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Thread: T2FM: A Job Well Done (30th Oct 2015)

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    I notice that there is an optional objective of sticking to the Thieves' Highway. IOW, if your feet never touch the street, you'll attain this goal. I'm at the very beginning of the mission and cannot find a path toward any destination. The roofs are too steep and slippery, and some are not mantle-able.

    So my question is, is the objective to "never touch the streets" attainable? I've explored some of the ground-level buildings and don't see any frob-able/pick-able doors, which makes sense in light of that goal.

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    It is attainable, but very difficult and perhaps a little contrived. A set of steps outside a doorway does not count as the ground, so you can use them. And remember NewDark allows more mantling opportunities than the original game.

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    I found my roof path. I gave up and hit the street. Since then, I've discovered a couple of doors at street level. Also, I saw at least one guard with a purse on his belt. Verrrrry difficult to determine his path and lay in wait for him without "touching" the street.

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    How do I get into the jeweller's? I don't think I can stack crates that high!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricebug View Post
    How do I get into the jeweller's? I don't think I can stack crates that high!
    I had to do this many times while beta-testing. Rope up to the roof of the building opposite it, and then run down near the edge (between facing one direction and the other) towards that window, and if you're lucky, you'll hit it and mantle in. It may require multiple attempts.

    - prjames

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    It takes two jumps: one to frob the window to open it, the other to leap through the open window. It helps to have a slow-fall at the ready, swallowing it just as you leap.

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    Alternatively, you can do it with only one jump if you just shoot the window out with a broadhead first.

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    One jump, and no arrows (or any other object).

    eidt: proof:
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    It is a very tricky jump (perhaps too tricky for a regular objective), but when you pull it off, it is just satisfying. You. Have. Done. It!

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    I was able to do it without any jump from the roof. I shot a rope arrow into one of the wooden beams portruding from the upper, pyramid-shaped roof of the building opposite the jeweller's window, climbed the rope, jumped onto the lower roof, then mantled onto the upper, pyramid-shaped one. I crawled carefully to the point that's closest to the window, leaned forward and opened the window. Then I went down again, climbed the rope again as far as possible, aimed for the open window and jumped off the rope. Immediately, I released and pressed the mantle key again, thus mantling into the jeweler's house upon hitting the windowsill.

    Very nice mission. A large part of the city to explore, and several tasks sending the player back and forth through all this. Numerous alternate routes through the cityscape, and lots of rooftopping possibilities. Replayed it almost immediately after I finished it for the first time.
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    Getting into the jeweller's room was quite tricky, but there was enough compensation for Garrett inside

    I enjoyed this beautiful mission, exploring the city via rooftops was fun for me. I ended up with a loot amount of 2996, so I still missed something there

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    You know it's a good mission when you want to replay it after just having finished it
    Absolutely beautiful FM. I can't believe I missied it on release.
    Interesting to explore and fun to ghost. It's amazing how interconnected everything is, even after exploring the map fully it's easy to get lost
    Missed around 70 loot, will try to find everything on my second try.

    By the way, I was very surprised that if you bump into guards from behind, they alert. Never seen this before. Also, if the guards bump into you, they alert. So there is no such thing as a perfect shadow in this mission. Definitely adds extra challenge.
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    such a great mission!
    I loved following the cathedral rabbit hole to see just how far it went! I ended up getting some story bits out of order, but it all worked out in the end

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    Congratulations on this fine release looking forward to playing it

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    Just got round to playing this, those are some sweet rooftops , 2871 loot, little over 4 hours, on expert

    Think I may go back in & see if I can find these easter eggs

    Thank you for this, excellent job

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    What an incredible mission!

    This mission succeeds where so many fail. Pretty much every room is accessible by multiple ways. No need to get through 5 guards to get a mission objective in the dead end. In "A job well done" you can enter the mansion from one angle, clear until you it feel safe and then enter through another angle and clear on. It allows you to be "smart and careful" and encounter little to no guards or be "fast and deadly" and knockout many guards. All this under single difficulty setting, no need for multiple difficulty settings and different number of guards, just excellent level design. Not to mention trail of blood and loot.

    While it earned a spot among my favorite missions I do wish it would be a bit more detailed at times. More rooms, more objects everywhere. It's around 4 hours of gametime for careful playthrough but with this one I wouldn't mind 8 hours. (Don't let the complaints dissuade you, this is just some constructive criticism ment for R Soul as now, I really want to see more from him.)

    R Soul, really, A job well done!

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