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Thread: Thief missions ordered from worst to best

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    Thief missions ordered from worst to best

    I'm a ranking addict almost as much as a Thief addict, and I couldn't find something to put in harmony these two concerns, so I had to create it myself. What do you think about it? What would be your personal worst to best?
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    Psst... wrong Thief forum! This one's for the Thief (2014) reboot only, and since your post seems to be about Thief Gold, you might want to post this in Thief Series General Discussion instead. Or maybe wait for one of the moderators to move this thread for you...

    However, to answer your question... well, I haven't played the original Thief Gold missions for 12 years, but I'm gonna try...
    The worst? Thieves' Guild of course. I can't remember much about the whole game anymore, but I do remember how frustrating those endless ugly corridors in Thieves' Guild were. I kept getting lost and didn't know where I was supposed to go and it was just annoying. The second worst might be Cragscleft Prison. I had been playing the TDP demo (Lord Bafford's Manor) for months before buying the game, and I was expecting something similar, but Cragscleft Prison turned out to be something quite different. The mines were ugly, the zombies were more boring than scary, so I almost gave up Thief because of it. I'm not a huge fan of Into the Maw of Chaos either, things just go way too weird for me at that point, they could have saved that mission for Thief: The Space Age or something.

    The best? Maybe it's just nostalgia talking, but Lord Bafford's Manor is awesome! So it's a bit surprising to see that it's the worst in your opinion. It's a rather simple mission with nothing too weird or supernatural. I wish there had been more missions like it. But then again, I did like Return to the Cathedral (my 2nd fav) despite of the undead. Not because of the zombies - they're still boring - but because of the haunts! I <3 haunts. The Lost City was an exciting experience especially on the first play through as well, even though the fire elementals were just stupid. The atmosphere in that mission was really cool though.

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    The bad
    Thieves' Guild -- ugly confusing sewer maze whose only redeeming value are the mansions. I actually think the game would be better without it (also for story pacing reasons).

    The bland
    Into the Maw of Chaos -- apart from the end bit, it's just so linear and uninteresting, but thankfully it's also fairly short.
    Strange Bedfellows -- a mix of the first part of Undercover and an imitation of the worst parts of Thieves' Guild, but with spiders and exploding frogs.
    The Mage Towers -- a surprisingly boring and blocky level. I don't even really know why I don't like it, maybe it's the pacing or something, but something just doesn't feel right about it.
    Lord Bafford's Manor -- a solid intro level, but also very short and simple.

    The good
    Break from Cragscleft Prison -- a fair bit of variety, with the best parts in the prison and the barracks. Also, a nice peek into how the Hammers operate.
    Escape! -- it's like a repeat of the latter parts of The Sword, but also a fair bit of deja vu. Would have been great if it had some places like the Little Big World in The Sword.
    Down in the Bonehoard - a nice varied Tomb Raider flavoured level with traps and treasure and stuff.
    Assassins -- It's basically a meatier and more interesting Lord Bafford's.
    Undercover -- a really interesting twist on the standard sneaking around in the shadows. I'd have loved another infiltration level like this.
    The Haunted Cathedral -- an interesting location with a fair bit of sidetracking which keeps it from being excessively linear. A sneak peek into the past with the keeper hideout as a cherry on top.
    The Lost City -- more Tomb Raider, but this time with a more pulpy Lost World/Atlantis vibe.

    The great
    The Sword -- a really cool mansion with a fair bit of Alice in Wonderland mixed in.
    Song of the Caverns -- the opera house was simply splendid. For me, this level alone made the gold version worth it.
    Return to the Cathedral -- very scary and atmospheric.
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    The meh

    Thieves Guild- Like almost everyone I think objectively it's overly confusing, but I still like it subjectively simply because it's early Thief and have memories of playing it late at night in 2000 fueled by expensive brandy

    Maw Of Chaos- Linear, yup.

    Cragscleft- Too long and depressing. To hell with Cutty!

    Stange Bedfellows - Large level doing a task I don't particularly want to do.

    The good-

    Lord Baffords Manor. I'm tempted to call this great because it was my first taste of the world of Thief and the atmosphere is superb ( thank you Mr Brosius!) but it's fairly short and straightforward.

    Bonehoard. I know many people think this is the epitome of everything flawed about Thief 1 was, but I find it extremely atmospheric , with the huge echoing halls and Horn Of Quintus sound.

    Escape- Just feels good to throw a middle finger to Constantine.

    Haunted Cathedral- Spooky and grim. Plus there's lots of little hidden places for you to discover.

    Songs Of The Caverns. I hate the first fiddly part with the craymen but once inside I do enjoy a bit of culture.

    Undercover. Another surprising mission.

    Lost City. Adds greatly to the Thief "world" and I still find trying to nail a fire elemental with a water arrow before it toasts me nerve wracking

    The great

    The Sword- Best Thief level. Surreal and sneaky.

    Assassins- It's not my absolute favourite, but I think it nails the pure "thief" aspect like no other mission.

    Mage Towers- Large and satisfying. Just like me.

    Return To The Cathedral- Like 99% of Thief players, I think it's scary. But you get satisfaction from accomplishing all the tasks you've been set.

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    The bad: -Escape! : just a poor boring and annoying level where you are sometimes even forced into combat.
    - Perhaps the mage towers. The mage compound is fun but the towers can get a little tiresome.

    The great: -Lord Bafford´s manor, first time playing this game I wasn´t really impressed by this level (as Thief II offers some better "mansion simulation" (played 2 beforehand) but on my second playthrough it turned out quite fun.
    -The thieves guild: a really confusing level but getting lost is part of the fun here and you´re also forced to use your map and compass wiseley, nearly no other mission does that. And the mission is full of secrets and varied location.
    -The sword: Surreal as hell but thats great.
    -THC and RTTHC: THC is a great zombie exploriation level while RTTHC is a really scary level even tough Murus has some annoying fetch quests.
    -The lost city: just the sense of discovering a lost city
    -The maw: because it is surreal and I like that

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    The okay:
    - The Thieves Guild. I didn't hate it, and I actually found it rather interesting in its concept on my first playthrough. You go into an underground thief base through a pub/gambling hall they use as a front for their operation, and then you access the private houses of two major guild bosses through these underground halls. The concept is pretty awesome... too bad the execution is lacking and the sewers quickly become tiresome, especially since they are quite labyrinthine and there is a lot of going back and forth.

    - The Haunted Cathedral. Unlike most here, I didn't like this mission that much. Yeah, the atmosphere is pretty good, but there was too little loot and the end of it became a re-visiting of places I've already explored in order to find that last bit of loot I still needed. It was an okay mission, but one of the less good ones, in my opinion.

    - The Mage Towers. Another mission that is great in concept but not that great in execution. It starts out pretty good, and the central building is quite fun to sneak through, but the actual mage towers lower the score for me. While giving them appropriate fire/earth/air/water themes, it could've been executed better. The interior of the towers was disproportionally large and empty (especially the air tower... huge rooms with nothing in it but slow moving platforms!) and the element-related puzzles were annoying rather than clever. A good mission that is dragged down by the element towers.

    - Escape! I didn't like that one too much, as I remember it as a rather bright level with few shadows to hide in, and I wasn't too amazed by the overall design of the level either. One of my least favourite levels in the game.

    - Strange Bedfellows. I didn't like this one all that much, either. I found the tasks I had to do in this one pretty annoying, and it had this stupid objective of knocking out or killing each and every bugbeast in the level if you got rid of one of them. Seriously?

    - The Maw of Chaos. Eeh. This had a lot of potential for a big, surreal level full of weird stuff, but it was quite a letdown by being so short and linear. It's funny how Thief 2's final mission was also not that great because it did the exact opposite of this one: being too large and having too many objectives that required lots of backtracking. I would've enjoyed the Maw more if it had been less linear. This could've been something like The Sword, only with even more weirdness! Wasted potential.

    The good:
    - Lord Bafford's Manor. A solid first mission that introduces the player into the world of Thief - or at least, one aspect of it: the nobles. A large mansion with multiple floors, many different rooms, and lots of luxuries. Poorly decorated servant quarters meet lavishly ornamented sitting rooms, and you start your adventure out on the street where you get a good look on the city. The bear pits conversation is also a classic. Great introduction to a great game.

    - Return to the Cathedral. Yes, I'm only rating this good instead of great. For one, I'm not a big fan of creepy missions, but this didn't scare me as much as its reputation made me expect it would. The atmosphere was very thick, though, and the cathedral was a fun place to explore. What prevents it from going into my personal "greats" rather than merely "goods" is the endless fetchquest stuff with brother Murus. Go fetch this, go do that, now bring me this. Eh. That drags it down a bit for me.

    - The Lost City. A good mission, and one of the missions that conributes to Thief Gold's great variety compared to Thief 2. I like Tomb Raider, so of course I enjoyed this. The ruins look pretty good, and it's an interesting change from the other missions. Fire elementals were an interesting enemy as they illuminate the area around them, so hiding in shadows won't do it if they approach you. A little less platforming would've been welcome though, because Thief doesn't really have the mechanics for that.

    - Undercover. Another good one with an interesting twist. I love the Hammerites, and the concept of infiltrating the place in disguise was pretty cool. Thoroughly enjoyed robbing all the valuables from behind their backs. For what was supposed to be a major center of Hammerite activity, it was rather tiny though... the church felt smaller than Cragscleft! I would expect the Hammerite base to be larger than that, considering how much they love building things... the mission was over too soon, I'd say.

    - Assassins. Probably the best of the ones I rated "good", and bordering on great. A very varied mission that goes deepest into what I would consider the quintessential Thief experience. You stalk assassins through the streets of the city, you reach a big mansion you have to rob, and then you try to escape back to your home turf again, through city streets swarming with guards. This is what Thief is all about for me. Would be elevated to "great" if the city part had more to show, like a couple of houses to break into on your way back.

    - Cragscleft. This barely manages to surpass mere "good" and reach greatness. It's a lovely mission, very varied and atmospheric. You start out in an abandoned mine and then ascend to the prison, which exudes an even thicker Hammerite atmosphere than the Hammerite church you get to visit later. Being inside a dark place during daytime (it's one of the few Thief missions with daylight!) adds even more to the atmosphere, as it only stresses the darkness of the place you're in. It is also the first encounter with Hammerites in the game, and a great introduction to that faction. Bonus points for the ability to cause chaos by opening ALL the cell doors without knocking out any Hammers :P

    - Songs of the Caverns. Another one that is quite varied, with a tiny bit of city streets, craymen caves and finally the opera house, which is the best "normal" human place in the entirety of Thief Gold. There are a lot of details, like dancing girls practicing for the show, that add life to this mission. It feels like an actual place that is being used by humans, and you're breaking into it while there's still some work going on there. Very exciting! This is one of my favourite Thief 1 missions, and definitely the best one of those that have been added by Thief Gold!

    - The Bonehoard. This, to me, is one of the greatest dungeon crawling experiences ever created, topped only by a very tiny amount of FMs (the first mission of stinkykitty's Gems of Provenance comes to mind), Ultima Underworld and Arx Fatalis. This might not be very "thiefy", and that's why many people dislike it, but I love it because it is simply an amazing piece of level design. The atmosphere is superb, the architecture impressive, the design very competent. I don't like the burrick caves part of it, it comes very early in the mission and is rather annoying because the caves are so hard to navigate, and on first playthrough they made me almost dislike the level, but then... then you enter the actual bonehoard, and it's just impressive. Everything about it is impressive. Even with the burrick caves that I dislike, this is one of my favourite dungeon crawling adventures of all time.

    - The Sword. This is the best mission in Thief Gold, and probably even in the entire Thief series. While Thief 2 has some of my favourite OMs (who doesn't just love Life of the Party?) and by now, many fan missions have been released that are even better than the original missions, this one is still the best Thief mission ever made. Yes, even if someone makes a mission that does the same thing as The Sword, only better, it would still be the best... because The Sword did it first. It starts out as a seemingly normal mansion mission, and when you get into it a little bit deeper, it seems like that noble you're robbing is really eccentric. A huge indoor garden with a river running through it? Okay, weird but if you're an eccentric rich guy, why not. But the deeper you go, the more it changes from merely eccentric to outright surreal. What is this place? Who built this? This is crazy! He really has to pay those guards well if they patrol that madhouse without asking questions. This mission is full of classic Thief gameplay - a typical mansion heist - and adds so much craziness that it just makes you shout "WHAT THE ...?!" at the screen every few minutes. Nothing captures the slightly surreal quality of Thief's setting as well as The Sword.

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    To be honest Thieves Guild is worthwhile solely for the servants dialog at the casino blackjack table

    "Hit me"


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    I can't understand all the hate for Thieves' Guild. It's a solid mission with unique locations and layout, and shows an interesting side plot (thieves' guild) that needed an entry in the series. Is it a confusing maze? No, you've got a map. All floors. And seriously, if that's your argument against Thieves' Guild, why don't you all hate the other missions as well? Cragscleft, Bonehoard, The Sword, Haunted Cathedral, Lost City and Escape had much more inadequate maps and almost every mission had a confusing layout to some extent. I mean, seriously, the Sword. Does there exist a player who didn't get lost at least once during that mission? And we all love it still and perhaps even more so because of that. I know I do.

    Is it repetitive? I don't think it's any more than the other missions. It has four distinct areas that feel like mini missions themselves. Is it the Dark Project purism? No, Song of the Caverns, enough said.

    Now what is the real reason here?

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    Okay, some of these items might in some other time switch places around by 1 or 2 ranks, but the general jist for me:

    Not a fan of:
    15. Strange Bedfellows - just didn't like it that much. Something about it, I dunno
    14. Assasins - for sure the most controversial item on my list, but my reason is, that besides the nice twist at the trail's end there wasn't much to this mission. Kind of generic for me. For a total newbie to the game it's a great one, but after a while it looks worse and worse. I also didn't like that background music piece so iconic to the mission.
    13. Thieves Guild - this one was kind of interesting. First time around anyway. But it kind of dragged out and I got lost. Parts of it were fun but they should have went with more quality over some things, especially texturing. I can imagine getting lost being an issue for most too, but I didn't mind this challenge too much. It had good things in it.
    12. Return to the Cathedral - the buildup was great, the mission started out good also but then brother Murus showed up... Made it too long and comical. I also didn't like the aesthetic that much and the environment. Not sure if I like this less or more than Thieves Guild, but it's at least more important to the story.
    11. Escape! - scariest mission of the game for me, no question. I didn't mind that as much, but I did mind the samey look all throughout it. It half made it up by having lots of new monsters but not necessarily enough for me.

    Pretty good:
    10. Lord Bafford's Manor - good introductory mission, some sewers to start with, tho the whole manor is orange. I kinda like it. Makes it more memorable.
    9. Undercover - veeery intersting mission. Only doing this mission right and getting away made me more nervous than any other mission ever. I don't think even any FMs topped the anxiety for me when I had to escape with all the hammerites being totally onto me. Le Rocksbourge's Dark Zone? It's scary for sure, but is it scarier than a bunch of hammerites chasing you down, potentially blocking your path in a narrow corridor? I don't think so.
    9. The Maw of Chaos - I kinda liked it. It wasn't difficult or long so if I went at it with a more fresh look I might be more angry about that, but for me I kinda liked the super freaky environments and all the descent like it was a rollercoaster. Creativity went pretty wild in this one. And one of the prettiest missions in the game.
    7. The Mage Towers - I liked it the first time I played it - really. If I played it again it might go down (closer to 15th) in my list. The reason it's at 7 though is cause of the towers and their challenges. If you went into any of the 4 gardens and looked up you would see some high towers beautifully connected with the central tower that looked great. It let my imagination wander and get pretty excited about visiting those locations. The architecture in a lot of the places was way too basic though, which is one of the worst things about this mission.
    6. The Lost City - very nice mission. Too much yellow for my taste, but over time I've come to appreciate the nice things that this mission has.

    Great ones:
    5. Break from Cragscleft Prison - probably the best prison mission I've ever played. Very nice idea for the mission - ascend through the haunted, abandoned, loosely guarded mines.
    4. Song of the Caverns - aesthetic eyecandy is what this mission is. Some great dialogues (and monologues) in here and a very nice location overall. Brought more diversity to the game.
    3. The Sword - everyone's favorite mission is also high up there for me. This is like Thieves' Guild, but with better textures, more goofy architecture and madness divine. Also the first mission for the actual story, lol.

    The tied best ones:
    These two I can't decide upon which is better. Both flood me with fondness and inspiration.
    The Haunted Cathedral - I don't know what is it about The Old Quarter, but I find it so enchanting. When I open up dromed, that is the kind of style I usually go for myself. Broken buildings, deadness everywhere, a truly lost city (but not underground). Nowadays also mystical colors like green are a must (Rodamill). Other colors too.
    Down the Bonehoard - This one is just very fun. Random discoveries like that strangely tame (blocky arhictecture) room with the fire arrows or the massive catacombs with some absolutely mysterous and horrifying fire shadow thing in one of those places also (the cylinder shape was not spared in this mission), or the expedition of those thieves. Did one of them manage to escape? I don't remember. I hope he did. I should replay it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiMarzio View Post
    I can't understand all the hate for Thieves' Guild. It's a solid mission with unique locations and layout, and shows an interesting side plot (thieves' guild) that needed an entry in the series. Is it a confusing maze? No, you've got a map. All floors. And seriously, if that's your argument against Thieves' Guild, why don't you all hate the other missions as well? Cragscleft, Bonehoard, The Sword, Haunted Cathedral, Lost City and Escape had much more inadequate maps and almost every mission had a confusing layout to some extent. I mean, seriously, the Sword. Does there exist a player who didn't get lost at least once during that mission? And we all love it still and perhaps even more so because of that. I know I do.

    Is it repetitive? I don't think it's any more than the other missions. It has four distinct areas that feel like mini missions themselves. Is it the Dark Project purism? No, Song of the Caverns, enough said.

    Now what is the real reason here?
    I agree with you. Thieve's Guild is a unique mission, in fact, the only one in which we get to know more about criminal associations dedicated to stealing, Garrett's truly rivals. Only have to remember the conversation between two members about Lord Bafford's sceptre. And, have to mention, the definitive heist, when you have to take the vase, if you decide to do it without knocking out any guard... well, on the edge of your seat. Then, why? Why most of us got tired of Thieve's Guild? I think that the underground layouts are capable to overwhelm some because of its monotony. Sure, there are rooms, sewers, ramps and machinery, but the constant brick walls and masonry somehow spread a tiresome feeling after a while. It just seems less visually varied. I don't know, it's a theory. Maybe someone should start a new thread: "Why Thieve's Guild is constantly disparaged?"

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    Since the thread creator did not specify which Thief game he meant, I will say my

    Favorite missions are:

    The Unwelcome Guest (Thief 2 demo mission) because of how big the mission is: it is great to explore the map, there are so many various places and the mission is in a big interesting building.
    Trail of Blood - for its atmospheric feeling and ambient/music sounds. Also the story of poor pagans and mechanist intruders was touching when I was ~13 when I first played so I like the mission overall. A freeroam mission as well.

    I'm not a fan of some claustrophobic missions, but can't really name them. I remember I didn't really like many of those underground crypt missions. But wouldn't call them bad overall.

    As you can see I really like non-linear missions with lots of space to explore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DiMarzio View Post
    I can't understand all the hate for Thieves' Guild.


    Now what is the real reason here?
    I can only speak for myself, but as far as I'm concerned, there is no hidden agenda -- it's exactly like I said, because it's an ugly confusing maze. Getting lost is not an issue. I love maps that are big enough that you can get lost in them. The issue is that getting lost in Thieves' Guild's sewers is not fun. It's not a remarkable place like Constantine's mansion where you don't know what's around the next corner. For the most part it's just a drab sewer, exacerbated by the fact that you have to run back and forth. It's like a mouse maze with pieces of cheese at the opposite ends of it. Getting from one piece to the other is a chore and there's entirely too much of the maze between them.

    It's the difference between getting lost in a city where each place is unique and interesting and getting lost in a city where all the streets and houses look the same -- boring.
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    I am also a ranking addict. Allow me to join in!

    15: Thieves' Guild
    I love the premise of this mission but my love for the mission slowly evaporated as I backtracked endlessly through the myriad of sewer tunnels. A crying shame.

    14: Escape!
    So that's what Constantine's basement is like. Honestly I'm struggling to think of anything in this mission. Its likely not terrible, but it isn't memorable and if its not memorable, then its a big no-no in this game since so many of these levels are branded in my mind.

    13: Lord Bafford's Manor
    Honestly, this one sits here just because of its simplicity.

    12: Strange Bedfellows
    It was cool going back to the Hammer Temple from Undercover and seeing the destruction of the Trickster's minions - it told me that things had gotten serious. Then it amounted to lugging an old tosspot around an uninspiring underground section (and the less spoken of that raft, the better)

    11: The Mage Towers
    A rather exotic theme bogged down by the limitations of the engine. I was really pumped to enter the towers but - save from the fire tower - they were all underwhelming at best, and at worst tedious and frustrating to go through.

    10: The Maw of Chaos
    The environment is constantly outlandish and hostile and the Trickster's lines during the ritual are wonderful. Unfortunately it doesn't have as much replayability as most levels.

    9: The Haunted Cathedral
    The atmosphere is brilliant, but... I don't know. It doesn't strike a chord as much as other missions. I like the whole dynamic with the power stations - turn it on and finding things is so much easier, but your chances of sneaking go almost entirely out the window. Keep it off and you could be fumbling blindly for ages.

    8: Escape from Cragscleft Prison
    Hammerites, yay. Ignoring that this mission oozes with menace with its tight, dimly lit corridors carrying the cries of prisoners as they rot away. Even with all the shadows the sheer number of Hammerites on duty make staying undetected a challenge. Of course, you could always distract them with some escaping prisoners...
    Screw that mine section, though.

    7: The Lost City
    I absolutely loved delving through this city and trying to piece together its ancient history and culture. The crushing isolation and wonderful ambience makes this almost as terrifying as the levels that actually have undead. This feeling is lessened in Gold by the inclusion of the Mages, which I think was a poor choice to include them.

    6: Undercover
    I'm extremely biased here because I love the Hammerite religion - from their aesthetics to their manner of speaking and to the scriptures they write - I think its all fantastic. This mission gave me the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at their lifestyle and structure. Aside from that its a pretty cool mission. Where previous ones expect you to think up your plan on the fly, this mission gives you all the time you want to wander around the temple and devise a plan of attack for getting the Talisman(s), which is good because the moment you swipe them all hell breaks loose and you better hope you considered an escape route in your plan.

    5: Down in the Bonehoard
    Probably only this far up because of the wonderful sounds of the Horn of Quintus. Nah, more likely its my affinity for the old Tomb Raider games. Plus, y'know, graverobbing seems like a natural fit for a Thief. What a shame that the dead here aren't sleeping peacefully :P This level also turns into an even bigger adventure on Expert, when you have to grab those two gemstones.

    4: Song of the Caverns
    You experience two twists in the first 10 minutes of play (Girry and the Talisman are both gone) and suddenly evolves into robbing a splendid opera house. Feels like a real step up from the mansion missions previously as there's far more marble to step on and far less carpet to soften your footsteps.

    3: The Sword
    From the offset something is just not right with Constantine's Mansion. As you descend further into its depths it feels like reality is unraveling so WHY ARE THE GUARDS SO CHILL ABOUT IT? Its also (assuming you've been playing through on normal) the first mission where you have to get back out, which feels like a very deliberate choice on LGS' part. The thought of trying to map your route back out adds to an already unsettling atmosphere permeating the halls. That lurid giggling...

    2: Return to the Cathedral
    If Looking Glass Studios had ever made a proper horror game, I dread to think how terrifying it could be. Mind you, this level alone could propel Thief into the horror genre. The ghostly gasp that emits when you first open the front doors immediately leaves you uneasy.The main chapel floor is crawling with undead, but if you go down the side corridors you'll be walking across marble - choose your poison. This also is basically the first and only time you'll see Hammer Haunts - probably the most terrifying foe I've ever encountered. God help you if you alert them... its not enough that they're the most difficult enemy in the game, they also assault you with blood-curdling laughter and demands that you join them in undeath.

    So of course the three Haunts patrolling the chapel would be set to hunt you down the moment you swipe the Eye; the circumstances are set so its practically unavoidable (at least to my knowledge). Even after a successful escape and an optional change of pants, you'll quickly have to come to terms with the front doors being sealed on you... which as twists go is pretty gut-wrenching.
    This mission is two hours of hell and I love it.

    1: Assassins
    This isn't the longest or most challenging mission in the game (or series for that matter) but its quintessentially Thief to me. Having to tail your would-be assassins through the city streets is thrilling, as their sudden stops to look around leave you scrambling for shadows. The second half of the mission is a notable step up from Bafford's mansion, with a more organised contingent of guard, less opportunities to hide... and the master is at home this time. Stealing his own coin purse is a hell of a way to make a point and from a gameplay standpoint its great fun to do so. And if you were unlucky enough to have the alarm triggered, you've got to worry about getting home through guard-infested streets, in a twisted reflection of the first part of the mission.

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    15. Into the Maw of Chaos

    Disappointing, short, and linear. All flash and no substance. Thief deserved a better finale than this. The only good part is Constantine’s ritual, which is badass.

    14. Strange Bedfellows

    Another disappointing endgame level. It starts off cool, with the ominous dead bodies and the destroyed Hammer temple building the tension, but it quickly goes downhill. The environment is boring, the tasks you’re given are not particularly fun or interesting, and there’s almost no challenge to be had. In particular, rescuing the High Priest is an absolute joke. There’s so much darkness that getting caught is next to impossible, and all the guards are conveniently standing still staring at a wall while you’re given free reign of the place. Overall, a supremely disappointing mission that could have been a whole lot better.

    13. Escape!

    This level is an interesting beast. It comes right after the famous cutscene where the Trickster is revealed and Garrett's eye brutally ripped from its socket, when the story is at its most exciting, and the way the level plays out in this context makes a lot of sense, even if objectively it's not a great level. This is Garrett at his weakest: he is surrounded by powerful enemies and tasked with navigating a massive, confusing labyrinth, all with only a sword, 5 health, and whatever equipment you can find. You have to be resourceful and witty: scrounging for supplies, picking off enemies one by one, and only engaging in direct combat as a last resort. A lot of people criticize this level for moving the focus away from stealth, but this mission is still stealthy, just in a more aggressive sense. Instead of using stealth to avoid enemies entirely, you use it to take down your enemies more efficiently, without having to get yourself involved in direct combat. It's a very interesting style of play, and as someone who primarily enjoys ghosting, it's a nice change of pace from the rest of the game. It also introduces one of my favorite characters from the Thief games, the beastmen. Whether they're apes or rats I don't know, but the way they talk is really cool, and I was very happy to see them return in Thief 2. The mission still has a lot of problems, such as repetitive environments, frustrating difficulty, and those stupid Frogbeasts, but despite these flaws it can be fun if approached with the right mindset and liberal use of quicksaves. It is still, however, one of the game's weakest missions overall.

    12. Undercover

    This is easily the most unique level from Thief 1, but it is also one of the most flawed for that exact reason. In this mission you have to infiltrate the Hammer temple to steal the Air Talisman, but the temple is so heavily guarded that traditional methods of infiltration would be impossible. Instead, Garrett disguises himself as a Hammerite novice to steal the Talisman and every other Hammer-owned valuable from right under their noses. It’s a neat concept, and it’s quite novel to hide in plain sight and start stealing everything when their backs are turned. This is one of the tensest missions in the game, simply because you’re never completely sure whether the Hammers are on to you, and you know that if they are you’re as good as dead. The problem is that Thief wasn’t designed with these mechanics in mind, and as such they are quite spotty and hard to predict, usually just requiring trial and error to find out what you can get away with. Once you understand how the mechanics work, the level ceases to provide any challenge at all, and can be completed fairly quickly. The best thing by far about this mission is that it gives us an opportunity to learn more about the Hammerites up-close. There are plenty of conversations to listen in on and books to read, and it’s all very interesting, but once you’ve read them once you don’t need to read them again, and that combined with the easy difficulty make this one of the least replayable missions in the game. Overall, Undercover is a nice change of pace and an excellent window into the inner workings of the Hammer religion, but it’s ultimately one of the weaker missions in the game.

    11. Thieves Guild

    Oh, the Thieves Guild. It’s needlessly large, incredibly repetitive, aggravatingly difficult, and completely ruins the pacing of the game’s first act due to its placement between Assassins and The Sword, and yet I don’t hate it like everyone else does. I don’t love it, certainly, and on my first go it was easily my least-favorite level, and the only one I skipped. However, once you know where to go, it can be quite satisfying to complete. Its gargantuan size gives you a greater feeling of accomplishment when you finally reach its conclusion, something that a lot of the shorter and easier levels in Thief 1 fail to provide. In terms of lore, this mission gives us a glimpse into what life for Garrett would be like if he chose to take orders from Ramirez or the City’s other crime bosses, and why he rejects that lifestyle. At the end of the day, being in the guild is no different than kissing the feet of the greedy nobles that the Downwinders claim to be “free” from, and this level conveys that elegantly. The level has some of the best dialogue in the series, both in terms of humor (“hit me!”) and world-building. The environment itself may be a bit dull, but there’s still plenty of memorable moments in the Thieves Guild, making it worth playing through at least once.

    10. Down in the Bonehoard

    This is definitely one of the more controversial missions of the Thief series, and my opinions about it have gone up and down over time. I certainly didn’t like it on my first time though, as with all of the undead-infested areas of Thief 1, but such things have a way of growing on you, and Bonehoard certainly grew on me. The atmosphere here is solid, with the Horn echoing in the distance while the moans of the undead keep you on edge. Dodging traps and fighting zombies makes for a nice change of pace from the usual sneaking, and if you choose to sneak anyway this will be a very challenging mission. The two main problems I have with this level are that it is very linear and very empty. For most of the level there’s only one way to go, and while you may be able to venture off the beaten path to get some loot or reading material, there’s only ever one way to go in order to progress, which seriously hurts this level’s replay value. In addition, much of the level simply doesn’t have anything in it. Much of the early segments of the mission consist of empty corridors with no loot or enemies to be found, and many areas that look like they should have something of value simply don’t. Both of these problems are fixed once you get to the Halls of Echoing Repose, which is more open-ended and has plenty of things to do, but it still doesn’t change the fact that the first 10 minutes are incredibly tedious on repeat playthroughs. Overall, I enjoy Bonehoard, but it could have been a lot better.

    9. Lord Bafford’s Manor

    This is simply everything you could ask for from a first level. It’s a simple but enjoyable level, where your only task is, as Garrett puts it, to “break in, steal another fat nobleman’s priceless trinket and leave quietly.” What a great line that is. Everything that is Thief and makes the Thief games fun is on display in this level. The hilarious guard conversations and Garrett’s snarky one-liners, the catharsis and poetic justice of thievery, the well-hidden loot and open-ended level design, the fantastic atmosphere and ambient sounds: everything is on display in this level. I always get excited playing it, even as a Thief veteran, as it reminds me of everything I love about these games and everything that’s to come in the future levels, and gets me pumped to keep playing and experience what lies ahead. This level is only the first level, and as such it’s simple, short and easy, but it just does such a good job of introducing players to the world of Thief while still remaining enjoyable for veterans that I can’t help but enjoy it, and feel that it’s better at what it does than some of the later, more complex levels.

    8. The Mage Towers

    This is one of the most fun missions in the game. Taking place in a Mage compound, you must navigate the central keep and library to find clues about the location of the Earth Talisman and loot to line your pockets, and then you must scale four elemental towers where the Mages practice their magic in order to find the Talisman itself. This level in particular is extremely well-suited to the ghosting playstyle, with good pacing, perfect difficulty level, and no awkward engine exploits or object manipulation required in order to avoid alerting enemies, even when going for all the loot. It’s easily one of the most fun levels to play in this style, being free of frustration but tough enough to provide an enjoyable challenge. Many people thought the gimmick of elemental towers got repetitive, but I didn’t mind, since each tower looked different and presented a unique challenge, with the Earth Tower providing mazes, the Air Tower providing jumping puzzles, and the Fire Tower providing a challenging stealth obstacle course. The Fire Tower in particular is one of my favorite sections in any Thief game, providing an incredible challenge that is both fair and rewarding to complete. The little puzzles required to open the chests at the top of each tower were also a fun diversion. The only problem with this level is its lack of personality. The mages are not exceptionally interesting characters, and their cheesy voice lines can get annoying after a while. The keep itself is nothing special to look at, and the idea of elemental towers is very contrived and video game-y, like something out of Zelda rather than Thief. The mission as a whole, while very fun, is not particularly evocative or memorable. The fun factor, however, is high enough to make this mission one of my personal favorites.

    7. Break from Cragscleft Prison

    A Thief classic. This mission is our first encounter with the Hammerites, and there could not have been a better introduction. This mission starts with a trek through some zombie-infested mines, which are a fun diversion but ultimately not the mission’s highlight. The good part comes when you get to the factory and the prison itself. The atmosphere here is absolutely fantastic. The dank green walls and the cramped corridors, the drone of factory machines and the tortured wails of the prisoners; all of it creates a foreboding, claustrophobic ambiance that is very compelling. There are also a lot of objectives to complete if you play on higher difficulties, making this a long and satisfying mission to complete. The only bad thing about this mission, like other missions early in the campaign, is its low replay value. A lot of the mission’s length relies on you not knowing where to go and where the objectives are, so once you know what to do and where to go the mission becomes much shorter and less satisfying, which is a real shame, because this is one of the most compelling locales from the Thief universe. I know I’d rather spend an hour here than slogging through sewers in the Thieves Guild. Overall, Cragscleft is a superb mission that, despite its low difficulty, never fails to entertain.

    6. The Haunted Cathedral

    The Haunted Cathedral is a fantastic level that I did not enjoy one bit on my first playthrough for one simple reason: darkness. I like to play Thief on my laptop when I can’t access my main machine, and on my laptop this mission is unplayable without turning on the power grids, since even with both the game’s and the machine’s brightness on full I can’t see a damn thing. Initially I didn’t even consider turning on the power grids, since why would you want to turn on the lights in a stealth game? However, once I did, I enjoyed the mission a lot more, since not only did it allow me to actually see, but it also made some of the previously easy areas more challenging to sneak through, which I very much appreciated (admittedly there’s some bits that you can’t sneak through if you turn on the lights, but the early areas still have enough shadows to make due). The atmosphere of this mission is fantastic, and it’s very open-ended, to the point of being somewhat confusing initially, but ultimately rewarding. I love parkouring my way across and through the destroyed buildings, each structure naturally flowing to the next in an organic, believable way. I also find the Old Quarter to be one of the most interesting bits of the Thief universe. An abandoned city, ravaged by an unknown disaster, now infested with restless undead and hideous beasts. Who wouldn’t find that interesting? This mission also earns the “most well-hidden loot” award for having some of the most deviously hidden loot in the entire series. The loot is scattered in bushes, on top of rafters, on rooftops; nearly anywhere you can think of that’s reachable probably has something of value, and this makes exploration very rewarding. Overall, The Haunted Cathedral has gripping atmosphere, open-ended design, and entertaining set pieces that unfold organically, making it one of the best levels in the game.

    5. The Lost City

    The Lost City, while quite flawed, is one of my personal favorite levels in the game. There are a lot of problems with this level, such as the somewhat dull architecture (YELLOW!!!), the vast quantities of empty space, and the linearity, but despite all that I just have a blast with this mission. It presents some of the most interesting stealth set pieces in the game, from taking to the rooftops to dodge burricks to darting in and out of shadows to steal gemstones while the fire elementals aren’t looking. Speaking of them, they’re one of the coolest enemies in Thief 1. The fact that they emit light when alerted makes hiding from them much harder, and can lead to some pretty tense moments (more so for me since I choose not to kill them with water arrows). It’s a great concept that I wish was explored more. Another thing I like is that this level gives you lots and lots of loot to steal, and makes it feel valuable. It’s easily the most cathartic level in the game in this regard other than Assassins, and it’s a nice contrast from the scattered, well-hidden loot of The Haunted Cathedral. The best part, though, is the lore. There’s a lot of reading material in this level, and all of it sucks me in more than anything else in the game. From the kind emperor dying and being replaced by an incompetent cheapskate, to the entire city and presumably all its citizens being burnt alive Pompeii style, to the downright horrific accounts of the failed Keeper expedition, this mission’s lore just drops bomb after bomb and really brings life to what could have been a very dull and empty mission.

    4. Assassins

    Of all the missions across the first two games, this is probably the one most definitive of Thief, both in terms of both gameplay and style. Right out of the gate there’s a twist (which was kind of spoiled by the mission’s title if you were paying attention) and the tension grows, as you follow your would-be killers through the city streets, watching their movements carefully and scrambling for shadows whenever they turn around. It's fast-paced and atmopsheric, and it perfectly compliments the more open-ended mansion robbing bit of the mission that comes after. You eventually you find that the assassins work for Ramirez, the corrupt City Warden Garrett turned down multiple times, and you make it your personal goal to humiliate him as much as possible and line your pockets in the process by stealing the purse off his belt. The mansion itself is a big step up from Bafford’s, with multiple points of entry and exit (including the front door), a tougher set of guards, and more loot to find. The sheer catharsis and poetic justice of thievery is nailed to a tee here. Ramirez is an absolutely reprehensible human being in every respect, who cares about nothing but money, and getting to take from him everything that he values is an absolute joy. Robbing his personal quarters and bathroom is one of the highlights of the series. The only problem with this mission is that it’s a bit too easy. There’s too much reward and not enough risk to make the experience as satisfying as it could have been. This arguably isn’t even a flaw, since the level is meant to make you feel empowered so that The Sword can take you down a peg, but I personally prefer more difficult levels, and for that reason Assassins falls just short of the top 3, while still being an incredibly fun and memorable mission.

    3. Song of the Caverns

    This mission alone makes the Gold edition of Thief 1 worth it for me. This is everything I want out of a Thief mission: fantastic dialogue, beautiful architecture, open-ended level design, and challenging stealth gameplay. Beyond that, however, Song of the Caverns is just an incredibly creative premise. At the start it looks to be another dungeon crawl, as Garrett is hunting the Water Talisman in an underground cavern excavated and booby-trapped by the Keepers, butting heads with Craymen along the way, only the find the Talisman missing after reaching the temple well before schedule. You then learn from the hilarious ramblings of a crazy hermit named Raoul that the Talisman has been moved to the local opera house (which he used to own) above the caverns, and the mission takes a complete 180 that I did not see coming my first time through. What follows it some of the most satisfying and challenging thievery in the entire series as you ascend from the caverns to rob the opera house instead. The mission is fairly difficult, with a greater quantity of loud tile floors and electric lights than any other mission in the game, making for an engaging and rewarding challenge. The mission is also one of the few that makes the game world feel truly alive, letting you interact with the world of Thief and the people in it in a way that few other levels allow. Song of the Caverns is not the most important, engaging or atmospheric level from Thief 1, but it is by far the most fun, and I always look forward to revisiting it.

    2. Return to the Cathedral

    Two words: Hammer Haunt. These enemies are the scariest fucking things on the planet, and they make an already great mission into a fantastic one. While the stock zombies are more of an annoyance than anything else, the Haunts are downright terrifying. Their idle noises make my hair stand on end, they’re about twice as fast as a normal guard, and they’re very proficient swordsmen. If one of these things sees you, you’re in trouble, and if two or more of them see you you’re as good as dead, so you have to be stealthy, making this a more stealth-focused mission than the other undead levels. Other than the haunts, what makes this mission amazing is the atmosphere. This mission breathes death, despair, and fear, and you feel truly trapped, unable to escape and severely outnumbered, with only your wits to guide you. It is for this reason that I refrain from grabbing the eye and summoning Brother Murus until the very end of the mission, after I’ve done his fetchquests, because frankly he kind of ruins this atmosphere of loneliness. I like him as a character, and it's cool how their uneasy alliance against a common enemy foreshadows Garrett teaming up with the entire Hammer faction later on in the story, but he ultimately hurts the experience and should have been implemented differently. I like the idea of making him not a friendly character but rather a restless spirit, who you cannot kill and who will attack you attack you on sight, and can only be “defeated” by collecting his most treasured items and performing his burial rites, at which point he will finally be given peace and become friendly, rewarding you with the armory key like he does normally (oh and btw exiting out of the Cloister gate by blowing it up is easily the most badass ending to any mission in this game). Regardless of Murus, however, Return to the Cathedral remains a spectacular mission, and in my opinion the last truly great mission in Thief 1, before the game descends into pagan-y weirdness and ultimately becomes tedious.

    1. The Sword

    What can be said about The Sword? It is the first mission in the game that is part of the main story. It is a turning point for the game, both in terms of theme and challenge. It’s the first mission where, on Normal difficulty, you have to get back out after you complete your objective. The mansion is difficult to navigate, filled with loud tile floors, tough guards, and hidden loot everywhere. The size of the mission is massive, at least compared to what’s come before: it makes Ramirez’s estate look like a shack by comparison. And it is WEIRD. The mansion seems normal at first, but you soon realize that things are not what they seem. Doors appear in the ceiling, rooms are upside-down, hallways twist and turn and doors lead nowhere. Everything you know is wrong. You feel a simultaneous sense of awe and panic as you skitter through the corridors, trying to get your bearings. What is going on? Where am I? What kind of madman would live in a place like this and how much is he paying those guards to keep quiet about it? As it turns out, the kind of madman who would hire a thief to steal his own sword as a test of his abilities, as we find out after we complete the mission. It’s a far better introduction to the character of Constantine than any cutscene could be, and immediately lets us know that this man is not what he seems and not to be trusted. If Assassins was the moment when Thief went from good to great, than The Sword is the moment when it goes from great to legendary. This is a glimpse into the future: what games could be. How they can grip us, enthrall us, take us away from the real world and into a new one that seems just as tangible. Even over 15 years later, it can still take us there just like it did in 1998. The Sword, for me, is the defining mission of the original Thief, and by far my favorite.
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    I somewhat have to disagree with Down in the bonehoard. This one of theses missions you hate first playing them but on the 2nd playthrough they are awesome. In general the first section of down into the bonehoard is great mainly because it is extremley tense and gets your blood pumping but also they storytelling via the environment here is great, you just wonder what happened here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by User 205 View Post
    I somewhat have to disagree with Down in the bonehoard. This one of theses missions you hate first playing them but on the 2nd playthrough they are awesome. In general the first section of down into the bonehoard is great mainly because it is extremley tense and gets your blood pumping but also they storytelling via the environment here is great, you just wonder what happened here.
    I actually think you're right about that to an extent. I didn't like Bonehoard on the first time through but loved it the second time. It's just every other time after that that it becomes less interesting. The atmosphere becomes a lot less tense once you realize that nothing can actually kill you and you're just walking down an empty corridor. I do like reading the notes from the dead thieves and piecing together their disaster of an expedition, but the environment itself is quite dull, particularly in the burrick caves. Just to clarify, I still like the level, it's just that I think most of the other levels are better. The only levels I actively dislike are Strange Bedfellows and Maw of Chaos. Every other level is enjoyable or is at the very least interesting and unique.

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    Well I have to agree Strange bedfellows is abysmal. Just to clarify I have only played through Thief 1 two times so I can´t tell if this would be true for me.

    Btw the Thieves guild is underrated, such an awesome level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by User 205 View Post
    Btw the Thieves guild is underrated, such an awesome level.
    I agree. I have never owned The Dark Project version, but I always look forward to this level during my playthroughs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tomi View Post
    I'm not a huge fan of Into the Maw of Chaos either, things just go way too weird for me at that point, they could have saved that mission for Thief: The Space Age or something.
    Yeah, well... Thief: The Dark Project was/is a direct homage/tribute to the classic crpgs of the golden age, so.... Maw Of Chaos fits *perfectly* into the game. And as a fan of the awesome crpgs that inspired Thief, I lapped up every ounce of the Mission when I played it back in 99'. Of course, if you never knew about the glorious past endeavors of LGS before playing Dark Project, it becomes easier to understand how someone could be so clueless... I mean... "Space Age"???? Hello?!?!?! How about Wizardry Age, or Might and Magic Age, or..... Ultima Age! lol

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    I am replaying Thief Gold (actually "Gold" for the first time, since 17 yrs ago I did only TDP) and I am at the Lost City. I cannot comment on SoC, since I never played it, but I have no fond memories of the later TDP missions. I did not like being forced into combat and I was bought into this game by Bafford's (demo mission) - all this monster-infested levels simply did not tick for me.

    I'm probaly letting a blasphemy out, but I did not like RTC at all, in fact I was so frustrated that I restarted the mission and then used the known "trick" of finishing in five minutes. Now the undead do not scare me anymore like they did back then, and anyway the cheat is not possible anymore in TG, so I'll probably (have to) enjoy it more.

    Unrated (yet): Song of the Caverns

    14. Into the Maw of Chaos
    13. Escape!
    12. Strange Bedfellows
    11. Return to the Cathedral
    10. The Lost City
    9. Undercover
    8. Assassins - a bit of injustice to this mission, I actually liked it, but there is not much replay value in it and there are greater ones
    7. The Mage Towers - okayish, having just played it for the first time, I couldn't shake the "I know it" feeling (I played Dracula Reloaded long ago)
    6. The Haunted Cathedral
    5. Break from Cragscleft Prison -
    4. Lord Bafford's Manor
    3. Thieves' Guild
    2. Down in the Bonehoard
    1. The Sword

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    Wow! I wasn't expecting the differences in everyone's list! Mission variety is Thief Gold's greatest strength and weakness so I guess that isn't entirely surprising

    15. Strange Bedfellows - like escape, only worse
    14. Escape! - too many guards, too confusing a layout
    13. Into the Maw of Chaos - good linear haunted house crawler, not much replay value
    12. Undercover - not much of a mission, but not unenjoyable
    11. Break from Cragscleft Prison - bland, annoying
    10. Thieves Guild - Easy to get lost in the tunnels, just realized dropping bread crumbs would help with that though.
    09. Return to the Cathedral - quest hub Easter egg hunt was trying. Spooky though.
    08. Down in the Bonehoard - not a big fan of the caves
    07. Lost City - Cool setting
    06. The Mage Towers - I like the size and the temples were cool
    05. Assassins - great atmosphere
    04. Song of the Caverns - great mission, 'nuff said
    03. The Sword - Classic video game mission. A bit long / a bit too many guards for my taste (blasphemy!)
    02. The Haunted Cathedral - best exploration / best atmosphere
    01. Lord Bafford's Manor - solid classic, infinitely replayable

    EDIT: @JarlFrank: Agreed about Stinkykitty's Gems of Provenance fan missions. The first level nails the Thief Gold atmosphere and ranks as the best Thief Gold fan mission I've ever played!

    I would encourage any Thief Gold fan to play it!
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    my opinion

    Hello everyone!
    I'm a big fan also of the series, I remember when I first played it at my friends computer 18 years ago, (now i'm 33), and lately I started playing it again. I realize how harder it was before to complete a level, compared to today's games.

    I just reached level 6, the Cathedral, and stopped playing because of all the ghost and monsters, they are very hard to kill.
    The previous levels were very cool and hard to complete, but this one level is totally out of this world.

    I think I'll skip this mission with the "user.cfg" trick :)))))

    Cheerz to all of you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christianopsg View Post
    they are very hard to kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christianopsg View Post
    Hello everyone!
    I'm a big fan also of the series, I remember when I first played it at my friends computer 18 years ago, (now i'm 33), and lately I started playing it again. I realize how harder it was before to complete a level, compared to today's games.

    it is always nice to see someone finding into the world of Thief.
    Please don't skip this mission, it contains a big part of the plot in Thief!

    And also, don't be jugded about your playstyle. Thief offers room for a variety from total stealth gameplay to aggressive playstyles. Sometimes I tend to play aggressive, too.
    But trust me: the ghosts and monsters are still nice guys compared to what will come! Have yo found the Baron's manor in the sixt mission? It is very well hidden near the electric drawbrigde in a wall. Climb up the wall and move to the locked door. Behind this building you will find the Baron's manor. It contains a huge treasure but is well guarded by a haunt. The haunt will give you a prelude what monsters you have to face in the following missions. But I am sure you can sneak past him!

    Thief 2 is even harder (and in Fan Missions, there is no limit about deadly monsters - good luck!)

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    Once you have become familiar with them and their layout, you can whip through most missions in a small amount of time My personal records for Sword is under 7 minutes and Thieves' Guild is under 18 minutes, both on Expert. So any bad first experience or frustrations I might have had on Thieves' Guild say are forgotten now because I just know where everything is.

    Unlike others I loved Cragscleft, Undercover and Bedfellow. RttC is a great mission to Ironman. Maw of Chaos is never play "properly", just run almost non-stop as if it was a speedrun.

    The Sword I found a little disturbing when I first played it. I got stuck trying to find an entry to the topmost floor, had already taken out most, or even all of the guards, and so spent ages entirely on my own, wandering around a very surreal and twisted place. It was a relief when I found the crack. It was just the atmosphere of the place.

    Can't actually remember my first impressions of Escape! but I have a feeling it would not have been one of my favourites.

    On another note, did you know you can gas frogbeasts, and they will even "fall over" complete with an odd falling over sound that doesn't quite fit? Quite useful in Maw.

    One thing I do not think I have ever settled on. You know the part in Bafford you drop down through to land in the water, near the start? Is that a well or an outhouse?

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