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Thread: KÔNA

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    A game where you play an old man searching for another old man, while a third old man narrates the whole thing. I guess northern Québec is a country for old men! I played the first 2,5h of the Episode 1 Beta tonight, and initial impressions are good! The atmosphere is fantastic, and what I like most is that it has that Far Cry 2-esque style of keeping things as non-gamey as possible by making things like the map an in-game object rather than a HUD element. Also this game givs you an old Chevy pickup truck to drive around in immediately, which is a big plus in my book. So far, not much has happened plotwise, I'm mostly just digging through a ghosttown in search of clues as to what happened here, while stuffing my pockets full of duct tape and empty bottles because maybe I'll need them or maybe my character is just a hoarder, dunno yet.

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    I was in on this KS too, I need to grab my copy over at GOG. Too many games to play lately! But yeah, this one looks intriguing.

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    You can never have too much duct tape! Don't know about the empty bottles. I do have lots of those though.

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    I was thinking of making a thread about it. Sadly, I cant play the beta as it crashes on load :< Sent my dump and log in, hopefully they pin it down.

    Fun Fact: I met the lead dev over pasta and beer during PAX South (and few other Quebec guys behind Light Fall and Stories). They were literally behind my booth and we got chatting! Super cool people all of them, check out the other titles too while you're at it.

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    Well, I've reached the end of the current beta. Not enough there of the story to comment much on that yet, but I do love the atmosphere of this.

    Recorded the first few minutes, to show of those wonderful charcter animations. Snapping photos with the polaroid camera, reading the map, shifting into drive as he sits down behind the wheel. I love all that stuff.

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    Just finished Kona. It ends kinda abruptly 4 hours in. The story is a mess. But, while it lasts, Kona is a nice and atmospheric stumble through the woods. I liked all the object-interactions, I liked piecing together a few strands of the mystery, I liked driving the truck and the snowmobile, and I really liked the narrator. Overall, yeah, I liked it.

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