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Thread: Consortium

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    Now in Early Access on Steam!

    I had a hell of a time trying to figure out if I backed this or not, but it seems I did! Only at the $20 "Consortium Initiate" level tho, which gets me a copy of the finished game, but not the early access version. Aww, it looks so fun!

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    I backed it on KS but not Fig so missed out.

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    Glad to hear it. Consortium was one of the few games in recent memory that that seems like it's aimed at an intelligent, discerning audience with an interesting (albeit trying too hard) plot to go along with it.

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    I have not finished the first game yet. When I have time I like to really put myself in it because the options are just so vast. I'm glad they added the continuity aspect to save games like Quest for Glory or Mass Effect. Because I did back it on Fig and I played about 10 minutes of the early access release.

    I'm going to stay hands off the Tower until I finish Consortium first.

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