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Thread: Dark Souls III: Scholar of the First Spoiler Filled Dark Souls III Thread

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    Looks like the Dark Souls III - The Fire Fades Edition is out tommorow, if anyone's interested. All DLCs are included, but I can't find info on whether they changed anything in substantial manner, like in SotFS for DS II.

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    No such changes. SotFS was a very special occasion (original game had problems during development AND a new console generation came out - a port to new system was gonna happen anyway, so they had an excuse to look over the game and change things). Nothing of the sort in the case of DS3. It's just an all-in-one edition.

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    They're releasing the GOTY edition a week before the last expansion is coming out?

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    That would seem a tad unfair. Perhaps it doesn't unlock until then...

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    Sorry, my bad, it's April 21st, not March 21st. The Ringed City should be available on March 28th.

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    Okay, that makes a little more sense.

    And hey, next Tuesday, we all be going to The Ringed City! \[T]/

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    I was following this for a while, I think the April 21st date is only for Europe. Nothing official for the U.S. yet (for the DS3 GOTY/Fire Fades thing).

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    CDkeys page lists the international Steam version for April 21st. In theory, everyone should be able to play in on PC then.

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