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Thread: Dark Souls III: Scholar of the First Spoiler Filled Dark Souls III Thread

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    Unexpectedly stuck (a bit) on the Farron's Legion, unexpectedly coz all previous bosses were too easy. Tried about 5-6 times so far. The first form is easy, but not the second one. I think I'm not quite ready yet for this fight, will try Cathedral of the deep first.

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    Are you referring to the Abyss Watchers? If so, keep close and roll into his left side just before he swings.

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    Yep, the first phase being quite long doesn't help for practicing on the flaming form. He's too agile. Anyway, I'll probably left the boss alione for the time being, will see if the Cathedral boss is easier.

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    I started a SL1 run on Sunday. I'm 16 hours in. Abyss Watchers and Yhorm are dead. I have to kill Pontiff now to progress.

    So far SL1 has been a lot easier than I expected. In my first DS3 run (and my first DS1), I focused on maximizing my damage first. And I didn't invest anything in health. I didn't realize it, but that made life much harder. The easiest strategy is to invest in stamina and health first. And then maybe carrying-weight. And strength/dex much later.

    Playing at SL1 is very much like my stupid leveling-strategy in my first runs. My damage is as good as usual. (Using a raw longsword+7 atm). I got 13 sips of Estus, and each sip heals me 100%. I'm just a bit more limited in choice of armor. The only painful thing is that there are no 100% block shields I can use. When I get into the grand archives, I can get the +5 strength ring (Knight's). And then I can use a few 100% block shield. Not the BK shield, let alone Dragonarmor Greatshield or Havel's. So I'll have to adjust strategy to 100% depend on rolling. (All bosses up to now didn't hit hard enough through my shield, so I used a combination of keeping my shield up while rolling).

    I'm at Pontiff now. He needs to die to make progress. I'm gonna have to learn to parry. Because I think parrying him, and making the fight very short, is the only way to beat him for me. Otherwise I'll make too many mistakes and will die before I would kill him slowly.

    The other option is to kill the Dancer before Pontiff and Aldritch. Tbh, that scares me too. I love the Dancer fight. Best boss fight ever, imho. Of any game. But fighting him at SL1 is gonna be a different story.

    Anyway, doing a SL1 run is actually way more fun that I thought.
    I hope it doesn't end at Pontiff and Dancer.

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