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Thread: In Search of Paradise - 2017 Edition is RELEASED!

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    Congrats to the release!

    First impressions:
    I have always been very bad at car games: I either drive at maximum speed all the time or very slow. Behind the wheels I'm like that old man in a tweed hat who drives safe, but really, really slow, or Steve McQueen in that movie where he drives really, really fast, except that I know very little about how to drive a car, other than a few basics, so I either hardly get anywhere or keep crashing into everything all the time, turning my vehicle into a deadly weapon.

    With finally some free time on my hands, and disregarding everything I said above, I decided to go on a search for paradise, but didn't get very far -- I even got farther away from my goal then when I started. I was able to get the engine going, turn on the headlights (or what I suppose was the full beam), get the radio going and listen to some music while the darkness tightened around me, but the only way I was able to go was backwards by pressing the breaks; pressing accelerate didn't do anything for me, and eventually I entered the tunnel behind the starting point and got the "died of old age" ending.

    I tried switching gears, in case I had it in reverse, but the gear stick never lit up, and I also looked for a handbrake, in case I had forgotten to loosen it, but none was found (and the handbrake button didn't help either), so those ideas didn't solve anything. The sounds from the motor did gave the impression that it was speeding up, even if I wasn't moving, and the gear stick kept twitching as if it wanted me to do something, but I couldn't figure out what to do. I want to find paradise, even if I'm bad at it, so I'll try again later (have to make dinner now). I probably just missed something obvious (and might even realize what I missed the second I post this).

    I enjoyed the writing and the choice of music (for the most part).

    Second time I tried, everything worked. I crashed several times, but I got longer than I expected, and had a few great moments like when the sun went up again, or when I was coasting into the second gas station on an almost empty tank. I want to think I got better at it after a few runs, but that was probably just wishful thinking, so maybe I should stick to skiing... This game actually reminds me a lot of your skiiing game: it has the same vast landscape with few or no landmarks, it was easy to get lost in both, although I might have an idea on how to proceed farther (I got as far as a sign pointing out what I think was the third gas station (beneath the power lines?), but then I lost my way and soon ran out of gas).
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    Hmm, that's odd. Are you playing with a gamepad or keyboard? Pressing Up/W/Right Trigger should accelerate as long as the engine is on.

    Thanks for the feedback tho, I'll take a closer look at it tonight.
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    I'm using a gamepad (a wireless Steelseries Stratus XL), but also tried briefly with the keyboard, which didn't help. It could be specific to my gamepad, because it has misbehaved in the past with games not recognizing it or not being able to connect at all, although that got solved after a few software updates. It was, I think, originally meant to be used mainly with a phone (because that always worked perfectly), and being able to connect it also to a stationary was added almost as an afterthought.

    It was as if I was stuck in the ground with mud spurting out behind me. I'll try again a couple of times to see if it happens again.

    By the way, I gather you meant to say right trigger (as stated in the controls "menu").

    Edit: Once I got started, I enjoyed playing; it made me want to get better and I have to ask: is reaching paradise a real thing or just a mirage? Cool either way, but I can imagine a few getting mad if it's the latter....
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    Yup, Paradise is a real place. :)

    Quote Originally Posted by qolelis View Post
    It was as if I was stuck in the ground with mud spurting out behind me. I'll try again a couple of times to see if it happens again.
    If there was mud being kicked up it does sound like it's accelerating, but stuck somehow. Very odd, I'll see if I can replicate it.

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    Oh, sorry, that thing about the mud spurting was just a figure of speech; I didn't know that was implemented, so never thought to check it. The engine did sound like it was speeding up, though.

    I tried again a couple of times (both with the gamepad and with the keyboard (with no gamepad connected)), but couldn't make it happen again. If it helps, the one time it did happen was the first time I started the game after a clean install. Speaking of which: How do I clean out all save files? I removed all files I could find (game files + AppData) to see if that made the thing happen again, but when I unzipped the game again, I still started where I last left off.

    This might not be related, but at the forth wooden telephonepole(?), counting from the start, where the landscape dips, the road is floating in the air, causing the car to get stuck if trying to get back up on the road. I also noted that when I start a fresh game, the camera gets quickly teleported from some point off the map, sometimes through the landscape, before it reaches the starting point.

    On another note:
    Hah, I made progress and found my way towards the power lines. You can coast quite some distance after full speed, but unfortunately I ran out of gas before finding the next gas station.

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    You can restart the game from the menu with "Restart Journey". If you really wanna delete everything it's saved you'll have to go into the Registry Editor, find "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Henrik Hermans\In Search Of Paradise VR" and delete the folder. As you might surmise you can also cheat here by changing the Checkpoint value to something higher.

    Also, here's another super-secret cheatcode: Press 9+0 to fastforward time

    Just poked around at the game, didn't find any issues related to the acceleration, but I was alarmed to notice that the game starts in the chase cam on the first run. That wasn't intended, especially since you can only turn on the engine from the interior view. Just built and uploaded new versions of the game.

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    HELL YEAH! Paradise found!

    Sorry about the expletive there, but it was highly warranted this time, because this is the first car game ever that I finish. I even took the shortcut (took a few tries: first time I got caught by nightfall and soon lost my way; second time, I had the daylight on my side, but messed up, because I got too confident; fourth time I had learned the terrain, got lucky, and could almost speed through it (in daylight). I sort of regret now not getting a gamepad earlier, because using one felt a lot easier than using the keyboard for this kind of game.

    I don't know what happened at the start, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was just my gamepad acting up (it never happened again).

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    I am wondering if I made the fuel drain too quickly though. That's a value I've been increasing and decreasing all through development, depending on how it felt at the moment.

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    I don't have anything to compare with, but, for the task at hand, I think you struck the right balance: knowing that I could run out of fuel, if fooling around too much, added to the challenge in a good way and also added a sense of "danger". It also made me try to drive smart, like taking advantage of downslopes (I assume no fuel is being used when coasting, or keeping an eye on the rpm meter (in case I use more fuel the higher the rpm (or making it jump too much)?)). Ähum, look at me: I've beaten one racing game and now I think can talk the talk and walk the walk.

    The hardest part was the great plains, because the first time I tried, I got struck by temporary blindness and missed the next gas station, but it didn't bother me, because, with the checkpoints in place, it was easy to try again. Actually looking at the map helps too, which I didn't do too much the first time. Someone else might disagree, but I never felt it unfair whenever I ran out of fuel, which I did a few times.

    The amount of fuel doesn't allow for exploration (are there any sidequests, though?) or just fooling around, like maybe finding ramps, to get a bit of air time, like I did a lot in A Good One, but maybe you could add a "free roaming" mode (with more or infinite fuel) after the player has beaten the game!? A crazy/stupid idea I had while playing, and crushing those poor cacti (nice little detail, by the way), was that maybe the player could, as a sidequest, collect cactus parts, find some hermit in the mountains, and exchange the cactus parts for more fuel -- or maybe the hermit had the ability to make fuel out of them.
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