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Thread: Watch_Dogs 2

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    hey San Fierro was my fave city in SA as well!

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    Having completed SA again recently*, I am still amazed at how good the game is at creating a cohesive sense of space, not just in the cities but with all the countryside in between. It really is amazing. I've yet to give GTA V a go, but I'm really interested to see how R* managed that after going back to a city-only space with GTA IV.

    *including spending a good hour driving up and down the Las Venturas strip in a tank running over pedestrians for the Los Santos Slayer achievement, no I don't need no counselling thank you very much.

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    IMO Rockstar did a great job of creating Los Santos and surroundings at an amazing level of detail. It feels large and varied, with lots of nooks and crannies. I've yet to see an open world that just in terms of topography and architecture feels as big and coherent as R*'s creation, and I don't think you'll be disappointing once you give GTA V a go.

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    Good to know. To be fair, they did an amazing job with RDR as well (even though that only had one real city), so it doesn't surprise me in the least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SD View Post
    I've just finished the first Watch Dogs, and have been baffled by the lukewarm reception that one got too.

    I don't understand gamers sometimes, I really don't.

    Will definitely be picking up this one as soon as there's a decent sale.
    Well, there's a decent sale on (50% off on Steam) so I picked it up.

    Only played a few hours so far, but... well, it's much the same as the first one to this gamer. Which is fine by me, because I really enjoyed the first game (I think I actually got to 100% completion), but not quite what I was expecting.

    Certainly I'd love to know what cigarette paper people are putting between not liking the first and loving the second!

    Everything is a bit brighter, I guess. I've been trying the non-lethal approach, but that seems somewhat pointless and forced because the guards wake up after about 2 minutes, and there's always, like, a million of them, so I may have to rethink my creed of non-violence.

    The multiplayer online hacking portion seems a bit more user-friendly, insofar as you seem to get the same points rewards no matter who you're hacking, whereas with the first game, if you were any good, you were often risking 250 rep points to gain 50.

    Anyway, this is just a first impression from about four hours with the game, so who knows how things will develop.

    EDIT: To also add, I was surprised when it said my GTX 760 was below the minimum specs for the game. Even more so when I fired the game up and found that it runs happily on medium settings at a steady 45-60 FPS. Go figure.
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    For me the big difference lies in the game's tone and its world. I hated the tone of the first game and found it's Chicago drab and boring - and for me that makes all the difference. Gameplay-wise, they are very similar, but context can change the feel of a game massively for me.

    Edit: I also found the non-lethal approach much more fitting and engaging - again, largely due to the tone of the game.

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    SD: I did some lengthy posts on this game in the "what are you playing" thread. Quick version, as a fan of the first I quite liked this game but not all of it. Some things are worse than in the original (combat, hacking when driving, the first game had better bad guys, the main character in this one is more of a nice guy so non-lethal felt more natural / fit the personality, invasions were wayyyy better in the first) and some things were better (radio music, huge amount of fun side stuff, good long game, like-able characters, some really funny moments etc). Love the drone. So handy.

    Overall it's definitely the better game, but some of what the first game did great was gone in this one. So for me I was left in 2 minds on it. As much as Aiden in the first one was a weirdo, he was a weirdo badass like the guy in the movie "Taxi Driver". He'd wipe the floor (combat wise) with the guy from the sequel. In the first you could take on a small army, no problem. In the sequel you'd get slaughtered trying that. Though now (once you pump skill points into it) call in hit squads/police/gangs to take out targets which is awesome in the chaos that it creates.

    Side note - The last story based DLC for the game came out recent-ish.

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