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Thread: LGBT Themes in Fan Missions

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    LGBT Themes in Fan Missions

    Well, here's an original topic for ya' taffers

    How many gay/les/bi/trans characters or themes have you spotted in fan missions. I'm really interested.

    So far I know of:

    Burrick's Head Inn by Yandros - One of the important characters is in a secret lesbian relationship.

    The Seven Sisters: Night 2 - One of the infected you're supposted to save is a gay man.

    Night at the Theatre - One of the characters is implied to be a trans male as a part of a transphobic joke (not the best example)

    So, you got any other missions I missed?

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    Shoes and dresses has a lesbian affair

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    i once saw a cray beast do another bug beast but it might have been a glitch in a underground area,i think a thief 1 fan mission

    but that might be more beastality

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    Durant by Mazur: Grimworth and de Perrin are in a gay relationship, albeit a rocky one.

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    It's not so much a matter of me having spotted it as it is me knowing it, but in Heartcliff Islands, Gavin (the resident diener), is bisexual or biromantic (on the asexual spectrum). He is probably more asexual (demisexual) than sexual and his relationship with Gwen (the prison warden's private servant) is a bit complicated because of this (since Gwen is not asexual (not in the slightest)).

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    "Ana's Secret" is about a Lebian Girl, and now i am currently working on a new thief 2 fan mission about a Trans-man/FTM.

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    WOW. Didn't know that we homies where so prominent in Fan Missions.
    Such a pleasant suprise. Now I know what to play next

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    Cardia's FtM Life has just been released and, well... the name pretty much speaks for itself. Godbreaker by Random_Taffer also featured a very touching and brave message in its fourth mission, with a nobleman wanting to transform into a burrick. We homies really are prominent in the Thief universe!

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    in the spear of destiny i have a side story about the librarian who has a crush on one of the senior staff members: the mentalist.

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    Is that really interesting?

    Well, that's what Clearing observed a while ago:
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    Quote Originally Posted by zappen View Post
    Is that really interesting?

    Well, that's what Clearing observed a while ago:

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    I'd say necromance fits better

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