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Thread: Project AM2R (Metroid 2 Remake) Released

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    3D for those that want that and 2D in the style of Super Metroid, Zero Mission and Fusion? Be a master stroke, and is commonly used in many remasters released nowadays (eg Wonder Boy - The Dragon's Trap which released on Steam this week went with that option, though rather with redone gfx and the original sprites).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aja View Post
    Agreed. It looks pretty blocky and blurry, like a lot of 3DS games, I find. The system seems to work better for simpler, flatter art styles, like A Link Between Worlds or Animal Crossing.
    Do you have a 3DS? I find that the graphics usually look nicer on the real thing than they do in trailers, and I've heard that's the case with this game.

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    Agreed on the first point, and obviously can't comment on the second. I thought a Link Between Worlds looked hideous in screenshots and only appreciated its art style when I sat down to play it.

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