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Thread: Upcoming T2 FM: Enigma of Arvindale.

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    Upcoming T2 FM: Enigma of Arvindale.

    Imagine -- a city of the vanishined hopes. Those were blessed by the Builder days, until something terrible made the people to roam in fear, saving their lives from the devils of their dreams. You're playing as Kevin. A young thief from a poor family, who pickpockets not just for his own desire, but to feed his brother and sick father. One night, Kevin been waiting for a sleepy stranger with a big purse. Suddenly a big strange flash came from the Arvindale Spire, the mages institute and the longest building in the city. Many people were surprised, and yet, It was just a couple of minutes, before "they" started to spread the chaos. Nothing did stop them - swords, arrows, they just rushed and killed everyone on their way. People were starting running like a bunch of rats...
    However, a squad of mechanists from the Oakford sewer station called people inside, for a shelter. Nobody amongst the citizens knew how they managed to be prepared for that. Not everyone accepted their hand of help, some people just fleed into nowhere in fear... Into their dead end. Kevin, however, was the one who valued his life, so he came inside, feeling like he was betraying someone, but he simply didn't want to die.

    Few weeks passed after that awful disaster. The streets were emptined, the survived people were doomed to rot undeground and wait for help... And the worst -- leader of the saviors has been lost. He came to the surface without warning anyone, but only a mechanist worker, to find the other survived humans. Kevin knew, that if he'd keep sitting in there he'll be rotting with no chance. Maybe surpassing his fears and coming to the surface -- is his destiny? Besides, he felt a burden of regret for not coming to his family to help. He's got no other wish, then following the saviors leader footsteps and find what's left of the other city areas, and... To find what did cause all this sudden chaos.

    Map details:
    Thief 2 The Metal Age - 1.25 New Dark
    Construction time: 4 months
    Map I completed: 40%
    Story: 55%

    Author's comment:
    First of all, this is for the first I'm working that ambitious over a city project. I surely want to thank DrK for the "Night of Rocksbourg" as inspiration! Without that glorious campaign, for sure, I don't think I'd ever start something like Arvindale.
    So as a personal achievement, I'd like to finish this city, even though It's not going to be anyhow perfect or good.
    (I barely expect something perfect from myself, oh gosh...)

    There's also another FM I'm going to release on September, once I'll be finished with briefing video creation.
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    Really looking forward to this one! Your own style certainly shines through in these screenshots, I wish you well in your endeavours.
    Well done and keep up the great work Zoro!

    Spot on, Chris.

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    I always love and prefer city based Fm,'s

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    wow sounds/looks amazing,good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerdude View Post
    I always love and prefer city based Fm,'s
    My favorite mission type, too - even more so when "mystery locations" are included like a lost temple in a cellar (used for rituals), an undead-laden crypt under a "nonsuspecting building" (a crypt so old that it isn't under a regular church/temple), or a portal that could lead anywhere etc. etc.

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    That's looking good, Zoro. I'm excited that you are working on a city mission.

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    It looks really good. The play always outweighs the pretty. Keep it rolling.

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    Looking great! Count me in if you need a tester.

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    Looking good zoro, and as Russia has produced such brilliant authors such as Zontik and savar, i have high expectations of your must have something to do with the vodka they drink over there.
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    Thank you everyone! Here's some more:

    A pawn shop and a small museum just above

    fortuni I doubt vodka acts positively at all I think It's about being ambitious and stuff.

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    Lookin' good, man! Keep it up!

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    Looks great

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    All is going well, except few things. I'm not satisfied with the general layout. It started well, but now I'm building something like cube-cube-windows-roof. Building such a town and wanting to make it unique is really a challenge. Especially if you never lived or was in medieval-styled cities, especially if you're in pursue to make "that" or "that" building, but then you realize it doesn't fit this part of street.

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    Small Oakford Museum, was opened recently.

    Museum... Exterior

    It's quite small inside

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    Absolutely loving the screenies, Zoro!
    If you were looking to vary your city layout, you could try having streets at different levels. Assassins in T1 is a good example of this.
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    Spot on, Chris.

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    Oakford's school is coming. Prepare thy homework, apprentices.

    The school building

    No entry until authorized through that guard's post...

    Arvindale City's emblem... Horrible alpha version

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    Looking great! If you need a tester ....
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Almost done for the city part, it's not that much and I hope cell limits will allow me to finish it as I planned. Two major interior locations are upcoming.

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    After a little break I've started constructing mechanists station of Oakford, alongside with some readables, which aren't that important, but a little 2-3 cents into the setting storytale.

    Abandoned hopes, underground elevator shaft entrance

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    The project isn't dead, but the construction speed moderately decreased due to some stuff of personal kind.
    Will have to build a stable emblem of Arvindale.

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    looks absolutely terrific! Love the atmosphere!

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    It's looking fab! Keep the updates coming, Zoro

    (btw, if you need any beta-testers/proofreaders, hit me up )
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    Looking good Zoro! Hopefully your real life problems clear up for you soon

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    Early version of art related to the FM, with the protagonist himself

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    We need to talk about Kevin.

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