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Thread: THIEF the animated project

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    THIEF the animated project

    Helloo taffers.
    I'm a multimedia producer/Actor/ooober Thief fan in the process of making a fan fiction, zero budget, non profit animated tribute to the original Thief games. VERY early stages right now as far as format and duration is concerned, but I've been pondering on story for a good 6-8 years. Here's the 1st demo reel and synopsis (audio track is temporary, all new audio will be recorded).
    Plz Enjoy this teaser.

    THIEF: The animated project [Demo Reel 1]

    'Fanimation series Demo Reel. Set just before the events of Thief The Dark Project.
    A foreign general meets with the baron, inviting him on a mission of conquest, cementing his own name amongst his family, before he gets too old. The baron jumps at the offer, moves out with his armies and leaves the city in the hands of the richest of the nobility. For a short time after, crime is harder to clamp down on and a group of friends take advantage and set up a heist operation. Cutty - a fence who stockpiles blueprints for the city planners. Basso, a locksmith with deep connections to the criminal underbelly, and Garrett a crafty engineer and professional thief.
    After several high profile jobs, some of the nobility begin to catch on and experiment with ways to clamp down on or capitalize on the rise in crime, creating new corrupt power structures.
    As the state of the city is in a rapid downward spiral, some figures from Garretts past begin to appear to remind him to tread lightly because all actions have wider consequences. However neither threats nor advice will keep a thief from his prize.'

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    I saw this on YouTube and enjoyed it very much. Thanks for posting it here.

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    Hammer episode Intro with original audio. Most if not all episodes will start with a familiar style of "cutscene", followed by Garretts monologue before the main episode.

    ~Builder guide thee.

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    Not bad, tho the animation on the guy by the fireplace in the first vid looks really silly and out of place.

    What programs are you making these with?

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    I know, right! haha. I hate that guys face. As the 1st clip relating to this project, it was just a test run. The character models/process has since been changed. A lot is likely to change between now and when an episode is released in full. Constantly tweaking.
    (PS: I use a lot of different programs but the main ones are After Effects and Final Cut.)

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    Heh, I'm liking it! Even though there are a few things that look a bit odd (like the Baron), you still did a pretty good job of it.

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    I like it! Keep it up, you obviously care enough about the game to produce this in the first place and that is a very, very good thing!
    Lately, the fan element of these fora has evaporated, leaving behind the usual cynics and nit pickers with nothing better to do other than deride those who still express a genuine unabashed love of Thief!
    As a fan I say, well done!

    Spot on, Chris.

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    The Keepers intro

    It took a while to iron out the opening scenes but I'll be workin on episode 1 this week. Seeing as we had the Hammer intro (for episode 4 or 5) and now the Keeper intro (episode 1), I plan to upload a Pagan intro & the main titles intro too over the next week or 2.

    THIEF: the animated project
    The Keepers

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    Hot damn, you're getting better and better with each video!

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    if possible please add dewdrop somewhere in pagans intro,thank you

    love the idea cant wait to see them as hey come out

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    It's taking a lot longer than expected. I'm not sure when the next clip will be ready after all, so I'll upload some screen caps and wallpapers for now to help soften the wait.

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    Hey! No rush, mate. We can wait

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    Spot on, Chris.

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    Looking great!

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    On a roll! Just a lil example of the new facial animation method.

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    Finally! An update.

    It's good to see that everything's going well. I was starting to get worried, there.

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    Aye, it's still goin smoothly but slowly...I'm surprised every day as to how long some bits take while others are easy. haha.
    It's not stopping though. "All is as it was written".

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    Question for Thief geeks

    Hellooo taffers,
    I have a question that I'm having trouble finding the answer to, I'm hoping the good folks at ttlg might be able to help.

    Can anyone tell me who was first keeper when Garrett left the organisation?

    I read (possibly in game) that a Keeper Dante was first keeper during the Catastrophy, and that Keeper Xavier was first keeper during Thief 1 & 2, however I haven't been able to find anything about these characters online.
    I know a lot of the lore is foggy by design, but for the sake of continuity, has anyone has some clues?

    May the Tricksters minions get confused on the way to thyne place of lodgings.



    PS: I set up a Facebook page for this project.
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    Update of Slowness

    It's coming together very slowly. A very rough estimate has me thinking the 1st episode will be finished maybe Feb-March of 2017. I can't say when, exactly, it's taking longer than I expected but never fear, the tools of the master builder are in full swing.
    I wanted to show something for all those who are waiting so patiently without giving away any spoilers. This is some bits from a scene in which keeper Artemus informing the 1st keeper of his findings.
    The audio will be the last thing added so as of now there is no sound.

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    Wow - this looks amazing! Really looking forward to the first episode! I love how the art style is consistent with the original game cutscenes! At first I thought they were original game cutscenes spliced together

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    Yeah that's the hope, to have it in identical style. I loved the style of the cutscenes from the game. I'll be picking up a green screen soon, so I'll be able to put in some of those live-action silhouettes in the mix.

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    Would love to see you get in with a Fan mission design team, there are so few fan mission campaigns with such elegant intro videos

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