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Thread: Musicals!

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    JCSS is the best musical.

    The funk!

    The original film versions of the tracks are so good and Judas is awesome in it. I saw a live show last year in Regents Park outdoor theatre and would recommend it 100%.

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    I grew up with it, so I can't say how much is nostalgia/childhood indoctrination, but '70s Jewison's definitely an interesting director.

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    I found a new musical I like!

    Hands on a Hardbody, if you're unfamiliar with the term it's basically the most American kind of competition you could imagine. A bunch of people stand around with their hands on a truck and whoever can keep their hands on it the longest without passing out wins the truck. The musical features music by Trey Anastasio (of Phish) and a cast that includes Keith Carradine! Most of the music has a bit of a country-tinge to it, but the real showstopper is this gospel number halfway through:

    Here's another great number, a duet called "I'm Gone".

    I've listened through the album twice, but as far as I can tell there isn't really a strong central story, instead the songs are mainly the individual characters telling their personal stories. Those short stories are good stuff though, and the music is very good. Recommended!

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