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Thread: Time for a PC upgrade. Ideas?

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    They make the 1060s with 6GB ram now?

    Well fuck. Now I want one.

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    They do. Apart from more VRAM there's like 10% more of CUDA cores, but in games right now it's like 2-4 FPS between the two models, in both 1080p and 1440p

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    6GB was the standard configuration for the GTX 1060 at release and the 6GB cards were the first available. The budget 3GB cards trickled onto the market a bit after.

    I kind of regret buying a GTX 1060. I was forced to upgrade to play Mankind Divided. I thought that buying a newly released $310 card that was purportedly at the top of the current 'midrange' crop would be good enough to give me smooth 1080p gaming for a couple years. That was the case with the past two nVidia cards I owned. But with Mankind Divided, I got choppy/stuttery performance in a lot of spots on high settings and some spots even with medium settings. And the RX 470 is beating it for half the price. I saw the same disappointing performance with Dishonored 2. It improved with the patch, although I still experience some choppiness at 1080p on high settings, and the cheaper RX 480 performs equally well.

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    That's just two poorly ported games. Most upcoming titles I have on my wishlist don't even mention Pascal cards as recommended hardware.

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