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Thread: Time for a PC upgrade. Ideas?

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    They make the 1060s with 6GB ram now?

    Well fuck. Now I want one.

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    They do. Apart from more VRAM there's like 10% more of CUDA cores, but in games right now it's like 2-4 FPS between the two models, in both 1080p and 1440p

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    6GB was the standard configuration for the GTX 1060 at release and the 6GB cards were the first available. The budget 3GB cards trickled onto the market a bit after.

    I kind of regret buying a GTX 1060. I was forced to upgrade to play Mankind Divided. I thought that buying a newly released $310 card that was purportedly at the top of the current 'midrange' crop would be good enough to give me smooth 1080p gaming for a couple years. That was the case with the past two nVidia cards I owned. But with Mankind Divided, I got choppy/stuttery performance in a lot of spots on high settings and some spots even with medium settings. And the RX 470 is beating it for half the price. I saw the same disappointing performance with Dishonored 2. It improved with the patch, although I still experience some choppiness at 1080p on high settings, and the cheaper RX 480 performs equally well.

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    That's just two poorly ported games. Most upcoming titles I have on my wishlist don't even mention Pascal cards as recommended hardware.

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    Well, it's official - the hackintosh project is a complete and utter failure.

    The tools for building a hackintosh simply do not work.

    I cannot get a constant network connection. It's ridiculous. I CAN get one that is fine but only if I stop the boot process and tweak the Clover settings every single time.

    The guy who wrote the Clover bootloader is totally incompetent. He's an idiot, whoever he is. How the program can not save the settings is beyond me. And there is a desktop app that, surprise surprise, also doesn't work.

    I've tried the Multibeast route but once again, they settings don't work.

    But Multibeast I just don't understand. Clover I do, a bit, and it's a load of rubbish.

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    Seems bizarre that other people won't have encountered the same issue. Is it something that's been confirmed on Hackintosh forums?

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    They've given me a potential solution. I've manflu this week so I'll try it on Sunday. Perhaps.

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    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well - would be good to know if you find a solution that works once you're up to trying it.

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    @Al_B, do you need to jump or have you got this one covered fella..

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    I've managed to get the network and sound fix settings to persist in MacOS.

    I had to manually alter Clover's config file. Good God that program is a piece of crap. There is a "Configurator" app but it doesn't save your changes. I really don't get the point of it unless it's so people can tick box things and THEN see how that changes the config file, which has yes/no drop downs anyway.

    My next challenge is the gfx.

    My mobo has onboard gfx which is far more likely to be compatible with MacOS than my GeForce 1070.

    I'd like to plug both into my monitor (via HDMI) but have MacOS only use the onboard card.

    Is there some way of disabling the other card in MacOS?

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    Update: There are new drivers for the latest gen of nvidia cards. I'll be redoing the Hackintosh from scratch.

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