Long Time I have Started this Thread. Five nights at Dayport and the Amnesia FM (Eye of the Gems) are out and the Soul of the Gems FM is on Hold.

I spending the time to rework the Heart of the Gems FM, that will be playable on older PCs. Paradox Equation will be a large FM. I will create a new Thread Next Year with the Upcoming FMs 2018 to show some interesting Stuff.

The Real Surprise will be Memory of the Deserts: Burning Sun, a Female Main Character appears. It will be a Egypt Style FM with Stuff from Broken Triad and Fire and Ice from GORT.

I you haven't Played Five Nights at Dayport than don't listen the Spoiler.
You will play Nightwatch Redd in Paradox Equation this time you will get some special Items and Weapons to Escape from this Dimension. I try to combine old Thief Feeling with some modern Stuff. But not to modern.