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Thread: Name For a Female Stalker?

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    Name For a Female Stalker?

    Just a random question here, but since I'm a girl who plays the game, I was just curious what you guys think would be a good name for a female Stalker?

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    I have only ever played the first stalker game - fairly sure the character did not have a known name (not even a nickname at the start of the game). Is the naming of player character a thing in some of the sequels/etc?

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    Well, Natalia I guess, Marina, Olga, Oksana, Eugenia, Anna, Helena etc., actually any is good.

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    All three games have named male protagonists. You do eventually find out your name in Shadows of Chernobyl.

    However, OP may be playing with mods that allow OP to change character skins and name their character.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TannisRoot View Post
    You do eventually find out your name in Shadows of Chernobyl.

    *google* Oh, right. I think i never accepted it as an name and kinda ignored it ...

    Hm, i guess one could consider Strelok to be a name. An overly absurd one, but from lore standpoint - anything goes if it says so.

    As for female Russian name for stalker - i would consider something simple like: Olga. Might sound a bit bland though. Svetlana, on the other hand might be too overtly in your face.

    Nikita - to be confusing / silly.

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    How about Xenia, which means stranger, foreigner (as a derivative from Xenos).
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s come from all over the world, so y'know... literally any female name would be appropriate for one.

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    In no particular order or priority:

    • Stalketta
    • Glenn Close
    • Stalky McStalkalot
    • Evan

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    Margaret Mary Ray.

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    Natasha or Nikita X Ray I really liked "Ariadne" in Narodnaya Solyanka.

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    Is there a particular region in the world whose names attract you? Or do you want to stick closer to the Ukraine and go with a Slav name?

    Plenty of good suggestions here already, in my opinion. And since we're throwing in a few classics, I also think Aleksandra is pretty cool too.

    Cheers and happy exploring in the Zone, stalker!

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    Its an unisex name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by N'Al View Post
    or its short variant, Katarina.

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    How about Elena Premudraya?

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    Oh Nikita you will never knoooooow!

    Oh good, some kinda excuse to post this slice of wonderful 80's cheese.

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    Galya, or the full name Galina.

    And in Russia and Ukraine Nikita is male name.

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