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Thread: Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year!

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    Bring it, 2017.

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    Here's hope that 2017 will make 1994 look like 2001.

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    It's not 2017 on the west coast yet. There's still plenty of time for a meteor or a bolt of lightning to take out Bill Murray.

    ...oh, God! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

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    2017 - the year of Govertainment.

    Here's hoping it's better than 2016, he says, not believing a word of it.

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    What Nicker said.

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    Did Vae post that tweet unironically? Wow.

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    Happy New Year!

    And don't forget about that ASSDICK rule:

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    Belated Happy New Year. In celebration I offer 100 things we didn't know last year.

    No 48 was of particular interest to me as it not only explains my other half but also most of you and I'll rescind my opinion that people only use expletives because they're lacking in vocabulary.

    31 explains Australia.

    I've just had a hot bath which makes 37 good news for me.

    58 should be of interest to anyone wanting to change someone's viewpoint. I've been practising over the last few days.

    I hope that everyone gets most (realistically) of what they hope for this year but more than that, I hope it'll be a better year than I expect. Good grief, did Trump really criticise Republicans after they voted to strip the Office of Congressional Ethics of its independence? Obviously I'm not thinking that there's any nefarious reason for this.

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    Happy New Year, you big bunch of sweaty mens (and womens).

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    A happy new year!

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