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Thread: 2017 HYPETHREAD

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    2016 is done, time to GET HYPED about 2017!

    RPS 2017 Mega-Preview of 2017 Games

    PC Gamer - Guide to the games of 2017

    Polygon - Games of 2017

    Also, TheDreamlord over in the RPS forums is doing a fine job of listing the upcoming PC games of 2017.

    My personal hype-levels are as follows:

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Significant Hype:
    Gravity Rush 2
    Snake Pass

    Have you guys seen this thing?

    I mean, just from looking at it you can tell it's gonna have a unique control system and be physicsy and fun to play. Unless you've got a phobia for snakes. Or don't like physicsy 3D platformers. Anyway,

    Some hype:
    Frozen Synapse 2
    Ghost Recon Wildlands
    Styx: Shards of Darkness

    We'll see:
    Future Unfolding
    Little Nightmares
    Mass Effect Andromeda
    Kingdom Come
    Horizon: Zero Dawn

    Good, not too much stuff to get really hyped about. I need to catch up on the past couple years anyway. Still haven't played Just Cause 3.
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    I've also got a fair haul of games to get through first (that I'm actually interested in playing) but here's a few more that haven't been mentioned already...

    Very interested
    • Cyberpunk 2077
    • DS3 DLC2
    • Vampyr
    • Mass Effect: Andromeda
    • Nier Automata
    • Walking Dead Season 3. I know the first episode was released just before Christmas but I'll probably hold off untill all the episodes have been released.
    • Outlast 2
    • Gran Turismo Sport

    • Injustice 2
    • Sniper Elite 4. Don't care much for the slo-mo super
    • Nioh
    • Torment: Tides of Numernia

    Snakepass does look pretty interesting. Will wait to see how much it costs first. Could be a bit of a one trick pony though.

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    So far I'm the most interested in the game that shouldn't be called Prey but there's not much on my radar right now. Anything SP related to DOOM4, maybe Agony... Is System Shock 3 a 2017 game? A potential DLC for Dishonored 2. Maybe Call of Cthulhu. Probably Routine.

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    Most games on my hype list are, more or less, puzzle adventure exploration games (with actual gameplay...).

    The one game I'm most hyped about for 2017:
    - Memory of a Broken Dimension
    by XRA
    Release date: 2017
    I've followed the Twitch dev stream on and off for a while now and, from what I can tell, it has come a long way since the prototype was released. There seems to be a lot of new features to play with not in the prototype and it's something I have never played or even seen before. From what I've heard the developer say, he's getting ready for release, so hopefully sooner than later. This is a definite purchase for me.

    The one game I'm really looking forward to, but which might not be released in 2017, although I'm half-expecting it to be:
    - INFRA: Episode 3
    by Loiste Interactive (based in Finland)
    Release date: ?
    INFRA is being released in episodes and the first two (out of three) has already been released. The third and last episode is being worked on and last I heard about it, it was huge (providing tens of hours of gameplay), but will take longer to finish than the developers had planned. This is a definite purchase, but since I've already bought the first episode, I'm getting the last for free.

    The one game I'm considering getting a VR headset for (but probably won't, because I'm such a responsible adult ):
    Release date: March 2017
    The release date has been changed before, so it might change again. I don't know any details about the gameplay other than it being what you could expect from a "puzzle adventure exploration game with VR-support". The trailer left me intrigued, though, and the genre is one of my favourite genres. Not a definite purchase yet, but on my wishlist.

    Because "polar bears in the streets" (also known as "Sweden"):
    - Empathy
    by Pixel Night (based in Sweden)
    Release date: Q1 2017
    It's apparently in closed beta right now, so I'm expecting/hoping that the release is imminent.
    This looks kind of similar to Essence and is on my wishlist for the same reasons, but not yet a definite purchase.

    The one game developed by someone who looks an awful lot like a hipster, but probably isn't (according to himself):
    by William Chyr
    Release date: 2017
    blah blah like walking around in a blahblah escher painting blah blah
    All kidding aside: I tend to be drawn to indie games (whatever the definition is) more often than to the big studio ones and this is no exception. As a kid I was also intrigued by Escher's "impossible" architecture, so being able to visit similar places ought to be able to provide some fun. The gameplay might get old after a while, but for now it looks like something I might very well enjoy.

    The one game I must admit to be being drawn to mostly because of its art style:
    - A Light in Chorus
    by Broken Fence Games
    Release date: Q2-3 2016
    Quote from the website: "What if you had to rebuild Earth [--] using only the contents of the 1977 Voyager Record?"
    The art style was what drew me in, but the above quote made me stay -- and the gameplay seems to be pretty much connected to the art style, so I'm definitely interested. It was supposed to already be released, but hasn't yet, and, as far as I know, there's only two people working on it, so I don't know if I can trust it to be released in 2017.

    The one game I will keep a keen eye on:
    - Shape of the World
    by Stu Maxwell (and team?)
    Release date: Summer 2016
    The highly stylised look reminds me of Firewatch (a game I never played, but liked anyway) and the way the environment changes as the player moves through it caught my interest. I don't know how much story or actual gameplay there's going to be, but the exploration factor seems to be in. I'm not sure yet if I want to actually play/walk it at all, but I will keep a keen eye on it.

    The other game I will keep a keen eye on and also the other game I'm considering getting a VR headset for (but probably won't, because I'm such a responsible adult ):
    - Project Lucid
    by interactive media students in Sydney (Australia)
    Release date: October 31 [presumably 2017]
    This could very well be fun/interesting/etc to play, but I'm not sure yet.
    Quote: "This type of VR game has never been done before and we hope tha"
    I don't know what they are hoping for, but sometimes hope is all you need...

    The one game I'm not entirely sure why it's on this list, but I had to mention it anyway:
    - Dream.Sim
    by OXAM
    Release date: TBD Late [20]15 Early [20]16
    I played the demo and liked the art style, but the gameplay (as in "agency") was very much lacking and the exploration soon lost its appeal. The gameworld (and possible lore) itself could be a great base to build upon, though, so I'm going to check it out again later when or if it gets updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vicarious View Post
    So far I'm the most interested in the game that shouldn't be called Prey but there's not much on my radar right now. Anything SP related to DOOM4, maybe Agony... Is System Shock 3 a 2017 game? A potential DLC for Dishonored 2. Maybe Call of Cthulhu. Probably Routine.
    Cool, I didn't know that there was another Cthulhu game in the works.

    On a different note completely, I forgot all about Underworld Ascendant.

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    I hadn't heard of Vampyr or that they were making another Cthulhu game - both sound very interesting. (Someone should probably make threads for those.)

    For me:

    Underworld Ascendant
    Divinity: Original Sin 2
    Dawn of War 3

    I'm probably forgetting a few.

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    Zelda Breath of the Wild
    Styx Shards of Darkness
    Days Gone
    Ghost Recon
    Resident Evil 7
    The Last of Us Part 2

    Routine..? Just remember Tangiers had a release date at one time too.
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    I'd sell my soul to bring Tangiers back from the dead. Unfortunately it's totally vapor right now.

    Anyway, I don't have any 'must play' games this year, the ones I'm most interested in are the new Mass Effect and The Surge. System Shock 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 too if those are really a thing within a year. I'm also midly curious about Hellblade, Tacoma, Routine, Vampyr and Tether.

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    FYI RPS Posted the 2017 interesting game line up for anyone who wants a refresher. Few intriguing picks, I'll add mine later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakoob View Post
    FYI RPS Posted the 2017 interesting game line up for anyone who wants a refresher. Few intriguing picks, I'll add mine later.
    Oi, Henke henke posted that same link in the first post!

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    I bought Subnautica in the sale and played an hour of it. For a singleplayer, early access survival game, what I experienced was fantastic, and it's worth taking a serious look when it gets a full release just before summer.

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    Btw, here's a fairly extensive list from PC Gamer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless Voice View Post
    Oi, Henke henke posted that same link in the first post!
    I never claimed to be a smart man...

    From the RPS List, the titles that look interesting:

    The Sexy Brutale
    Trapped in an endlessly-repeating day inside a casino called the “Sexy Brutale”, elderly priest Lafcadio Boone has to figure out how to save the lives of its patrons as they are killed by the mansion’s staff. Masks, murder and a mysterious marquis all in an isometric puzzle adventure. The developers, Tequila Works, made 2012 post-apocalyptic “survival platformer” Deadlight and are also working on the bright and breezy Rime.

    Kingdoms and Castles
    A hybrid of town management and real-time battles, including fending off invading dragons. It would seem to have a fair bit in common with The Settlers, although if anything leans a bit harder on the simulation elements – for instance, you’ll have to deal with seasonal climate changes. Most of all, it’s a beautiful thing – if it can look as good in practice as it does in clips, we’re in for a citybuilder that looks like a hybrid of boardgames and early Zeldas.

    The specifics of Krillbite’s upcoming game are rather thin on the ground although they have promised more info in 2017. So far we know that Mosaic is intended to be a different beast to their toddler horror Among The Sleep and that it intends to tackle urban and social isolation. If the trailer is representative of the art style you can expect greyish office-scapes and anonymous workers – at least at first, but Krillbite note that “one day weird things start happening and everything around [the main character] changes.” So far it keeps putting us in mind of Every Day The Same Dream.

    Night in the Woods
    An adventure game set in a town of anthropomorphic animals, in which you run and jump between electricity cables, explore, and hang out with friends. Who you decide to hang out with shapes the course of the story by defining which events you see. There are also mini-games in which you dance with friends or play guitar with them, which adds to the sense that these animals are really a bunch of hip, introspective twenty-year-olds. It’s due for release really early in January and looks like it might be an immediate highlight of the year.

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    PC -


    PS4 -

    Detroit - Become Human

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    Ctrl-F Cuphead 0 of 0

    I thought about putting it on my list. Love the artstyle, but not so sure about the gameplay. Maybe!

    Quote Originally Posted by qolelis View Post
    Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that one. The prototype left me awestruck and terrified, definitely looking forward to the full game.

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    Nioh (PS4) is the main game I'm looking forward to. I'm enamored with Souls gameplay so Ninja / Samurai Souls sounds pretty awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abysmal View Post
    I'm curious about Syberia 3
    Aah, yes, I forgot about Syberia. My tastes may have changed during these 13+ years since I played 1 & 2, but #3 is something I'll be checking out for sure. It'll be interesting to see how it transfers to 3D. I read somewhere that Sokal(?) said it would be a commercial failure to use the same engine that was used for 1 & 2. I don't know if that's true -- although the somewhat disillusioned cynic in me would probably say it is -- but using a more contemporary engine could probably help appeal to those who didn't play 1 & 2 (and who might be used to another level of freedom in a game). The choice of engine doesn't matter much to me; I'm more concerned that they might replace the toned down, and somewhat dry, comical elements I enjoyed in the first two with a more "in your face" jarjarbinks kind, which is something I can very much be without.

    Quote Originally Posted by henke
    Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that one. The prototype left me awestruck and terrified, definitely looking forward to the full game.
    My expectations might be set too high by now, but if the prototype (and the other things I've seen) is any indication -- and I'm pretty sure it is -- I'll enjoy it to bits. If I had to choose only one game to play this year, it would be this for sure. Blahblah, I mostly wrote all that just so that I could summarize it in two simple words: Hell yeah!

    Going through the RPS list, the games that stood out were Somewhere, Little Nightmares, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Return of the Obra Dinn. Sub Rosa has an interesting premise, but it's something I will most likely watch someone else play rather than play it myself.

    Going through the RPS list I was also reminded of Scorn. While shooting stuff has kind of lost its appeal to me, the FPS elements in Scorn might be something out of the ordinary and I'm tempted to try it out. It looks very Beksiński (with a touch of Giger), so it definitely has that going for it. It also looks and feels very Cronenberg (in his most intense body horror moments)...

    I forgot to mention Panoptic and Ooblets:
    I get the feeling that he gameplay in Ooblets isn't really my thing, but it looks so damn adorable that I might play it anyway (or at least watch someone play it). Panoptic, just like Sub Rosa, has an interesting premise and I like the art style, but I wouldn't be able to fully enjoy it, so I will have to pass -- just as a will probably pass on many of the other games I've mentioned in this thread (for various reasons).
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    Was just reading about The Last of Us Part 2, so I guess I'll add that to my list. Apparently they've been working on it for over 2 years already.

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    Somehow I'd blocked that one out, although I saw the trailer a while back. Y'know what, we need a thread for this one.

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    I just saw the new Resident Evil (7) is actually in first person. Pretty cool. Gonna have to add that to my list, even before trying out the demo tonight.

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    Gonna pre-order:

    Mass Effect: Andromeda

    Already own and not sure I care anymore:

    Torment: Tides Of Mah Na Mah Na

    $10 Steam Sale Pile:

    Agents Of Mayhem
    Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
    Lego City Undercover
    The Bard's Tale IV
    Divinity: Original Sin 2
    The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky The 3rd
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    NieR: Automata
    The Signal From Tolva

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    I hope you can tell from the trailers for ME:A that there are big, red signs pointing towards a large infusion of the time-wasting mechanics from DA:I.

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    Care to elaborate for someone who's not played the latter and is interested in the former?

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    I wrote a preposterously long scribble on it during the holidays here.

    In essence, Bioware's approach to semi-open world design and its attendant expansion of scope appears to be: sprinkle as many grindy collect-a-thons around the environments as possible to make them not seem like beautiful expanses full of very little to do. DA:I's side-quests/upgrade systems pretty much had you scouring the landscape for rocks every few seconds or killing random mobs of respawning wildlife/enemies until you had enough of X resource to dump on a crafting or research table, which wasn't the most fun gameplay loop in the world. ME:A's gameplay trailer points to similar systems of resource gathering, crafting, and research being part of the experience, which as you can imagine is a bit troubling.
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