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Thread: Almost Epic Adventures : The Goblin's Week [PC]

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    It's definitely coming along. My only real comment at this stage is on the environment. The textures look a little too clean for how I'd imagine a medieval castle to look, let alone one inhabited by Goblins.

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    Hey @Yakoob, your game HEADLINER looks really nice. I added a bunch of feedback comments on your last twitter video. By the way, thanks a lot for sharing my video, I really appreciate

    Thanks @twisty for the feedback. You are not the only one who told me this. I am not really sure about this, since I really like the noise-free style with really few details. But I may anyway try to add some details with some kind of decals, like dirt and dust on the ground.

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    Hey @Yakoob, "Karaski: What Goes Up…" looks really nice too, and so close to my actual concept (double-agent-like infiltration)! I think will give it a try soon

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    Cool thanks! Hope you enjoy

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