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Thread: The sad loss of loved pets - please tell your story if you wish

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    The sad loss of loved pets - please tell your story if you wish

    Today, my wife and I put down our little Maine Coon black cat after some serious illness. He had not eaten for days and had not had any water for at least 2 days. The doctor had a hard time finding an active vein to put the injection in. Very sad and very heart breaking. We loved this little guy like a son. We let him go since his quality of life was terrible and it was just his time.

    Yes, this is a Debbie Downer post. Yes, I am grieving a lot for the loss of our pet. However, I am interested in how many others feel the same way about the loss of their pets. Most of us love our pets so much. They are a part of our lives, our routine, our existence. Then they go and we feel empty, used, departed, exempt, deleted.

    Honestly, I am not sure why am I posting this here for Gods sake! I know some people here think I am a nutter and I respect why they think as such. But please, think about your loved pets and think about how they were such a part of your lives. Share what you wish to. I find it completely fascinating that we humans love other species so much. Of course there are the goats and horses stories... Nevertheless... If you have a story about a loved pet, please share.

    My pet was Batman. He was a black cat with complete fd up ears due to infections and whatnot before we rescued him from a shelter. He was deaf. but howled at high volume. We had to remove all his teeth too keep him alive. Even with all this shite and terrible circumstance, he was a sweet little guy who loved his keepers - his mom and dad. We helped him live a nice life for 3 more years. If we had not come along, he would have been dead in a few weeks. We are happy to have given this guy a chance.

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    It's been three years and I still miss mine. Sorry for your loss

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    It's real tough losing animals you've shared your life with for years, trouble is you know it's going to happen when you first get them. However, giving them the opportunity to lead long happy lives makes it all worth the heartache.

    Have been married 40 years and over those years shared our home with six dogs and 7 cats, still miss all not with us any longer.

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    Losing a beloved pet is losing a beloved family member, no doubt in my mind. Bjack and all those who've lost their pets have my deepest and most sincere sympathy. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that you will most likely outlive your pets and that's the hardest part to deal with.

    I just ended up losing my sweet little Bella cat (named BEFORE Twilight books were ever written, btw) about three weeks ago. I'd taken her to the vet because her chronic rhinitis seemed to have turned into an upper respiratory infection and after taking her back to the lab & running a bunch of tests the vet came back in and said Bella was suffering not only from an upper respiratory infection, but from kidney disease as well, which I guess is common in older cats (she was 14). While the vet was explaining the severity of Bella's condition, the vet's assistant came into the room to tell us that my poor little kitty was experiencing renal failure and had gone into respiratory distress. The vet didn't even have time to rush back to the lab to insert a catheter to euthanize her and she was gone. I was in shock! She'd seemed a little under the weather for the past couple days, but NOT seriously ill! I didn't even get to say goodbye. The vet brought her back into the exam room all wrapped up in a fluffy blanket and I got to cuddle her one last time after her death. I was a wreck and had to sit in that room for 20 minutes before I was in control enough to drive home.

    My vet clinic provides cremation services for beloved pets and you can either take your pet's cremains home or allow them to be scattered in a beautiful area of a pet cemetery not too far from my town. I chose to have her ashes scattered in that beautiful area. As with all the other pets I've loved and lost over the years, I will always miss my little Bella. And yes, in spite of the fact that I know the inevitable outcome of having pets, I will ALWAYS HAVE them.

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    Dia, that is almost Batman’s story. Same type of infection. Started with a sneeze, then a dripping nose, then labored breathing. We took him in on Sunday and he got a shot. The mucus cleared up, but he stopped eating and drinking. Wednesday, we decided to call the euthanizing doctor. She comes to your home. As I meanies above, the poor little guy was so dehydrated she could not find a vein. She felt his kidneys and said they were 4 times too big. He had maybe one day left. We were lucky to have the luxury of making the decision to put him down. Death by renal failure is not a pretty thing. My heart goes out to you Dia, and to all that have lost their pets.

    As Medlar says, you know it will happen the day you get them. Matter of fact, I told my wife, “Are you sure you want to get him? It will only end in tragedy.” I was half joking. Still, I’ll take the joy they bring even if it means pain at the end.

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    I'm sorry for your loss, everyone. After having so many cats and dogs pass on while I was growing up (we've always been a cat and dog family until now, the folks have just the cat), and having one of the most affectionate and adorable strays I've ever come across die in my arms as I was holding her while we were waiting for the vets to do something, anything, I don't think I have the heart to face it again.

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    I just had to put our sweet Noelle to sleep yesterday. We had her for over 18 years and she was the gentlest, smartest and most loving cat we've ever had. My heart feels like it's going to break everytime I think of her. I've been avoiding having a shower because for years I wasn't allowed to be in there on my own.

    My kids went to the shelter "just to look" in case they had a special cat for me because I was missing Tiffany, my cat who had died a couple of weeks before, so badly. They almost left but they heard meowing coming from the dog room. They found a little grey tabby & white kitten with long skinny legs and ears much to big for her little head alone in a cage. Once she was out, she made it really, really clear that she did not want to go back into that awful cage. I'm SO glad they listened.

    Her kidneys started to shut down on Monday evening and we couldn't let our sweetheart suffer so we made that horrible call to the vet.

    Yes, you know from the moment you get a pet that you will probably end up at this place but the joy, laughter and love is worth the heartache.

    I'm so sorry for your losses, and my own, but so glad we were all privileged to have the time we did with them. The sorrow eases off after a bit and then you can start to remember the good parts and smile when you think of them.

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    I don't think I've put an animal in the ground that I've not also put a few tears in with them. The last was Walter, a gray Maine Coon, who had diabetes. He would lay in the crook of my arm for me to rub his belly. Walter was the honey badger of the cat world. He gave no shits about anything. Big, fluffy, and laid back, he was the Big Lebowski of the house. Dogs couldn't get him to run. I saw him back a real coon down when it tried to share his food. He thought he was a lion.

    We have two other cats who are sweet and loving but just not Walter. So my wife got me another gray Maine Coon. We named him Fizzgig for the creature in The Dark Crystal. We might just as well have named him Walter II because he is cut from the same cloth. I try not to show favoritism but I just love Maine Coons. My first cat as a child was one. I recommend getting another, bjack.

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    We just may do that Tocky. We too love Maine Coons. This last one was only a mix and probably no more than 1/4, but he had a lot of the temperament. Our previous boy was Rocky (aka Fatboy) He was a typical Maine Coon, but on the small side at about 18 pounds.

    My wife volunteers at our local animal shelter and is already showing me rescue cats on her phone. There is a grey, cream, and brown tabby Maine Coon up for adoption that has been there since November. I don't understand why theses guys stay so long. It is a no-kill facility, so there are some really long term kitties there. Rocky was from there and he had been in jail for almost 2 years! His sentence was justified though. He was a relentless bed pee-er . He was a very good kitty, but a bad cat.

    It’s still too early to get another one, but maybe later this year. I would love a good old 25 pound monster. They come (most of the time) when called and act like old hound dogs.

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    Two weeks back I suddenly lost my Chihuahua, he was only 9 and had diabetes for a few years, I'd just recently taken him to have a cataract removed which failed, and he started to have severe problems with his neck , he'd gone off his food and he lost control of his legs, it was sudden and was unexpected, I feel atm like most other people who cared about a pet as if I've been smacked in the face. It's taking a while to sink in that I've got no injection to get ready and that it's gone so quiet without him being here.

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    I had two amazing cats, a mother and son, both grey, Tigger and Sam. The mother was kind of grouchy but Sam was a cat superstar. Really charismatic. Losing them both in the same month for different reasons, I think in 2013, was too sad for me to deal with and still is I guess.

    When I was a kid, ages ago, we had a feisty and so-done-with-this-shit black cat named Scamper that lived through and tolerated I think 5 or 6 different dogs that came and went and chased him endlessly. Maybe my first real hero.

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    Omg, dema! I can't imagine losing two beloved pets in the same month! All who've lost their four-legged friends have my deepest sympathy. It's just something you never get used to and each time the pain is just as sharp as the last loss.

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