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Thread: Thief Object Enhancement Pack

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    Really strange title. I have written a more appropriate phrase.

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    Thief the Ever Changing Title Objects Mod

    but seriously, Thief Object Enhancement Pack was just fine.

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    Now I'm curious what "Imroved" models are. Are they partially removed? Or possibly something involving roofs?

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    Let it be nickie's title

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickie View Post
    I'm sure Soul Tear didn't intend to imply that this was an update of EP2 but as so many people have read this now and I don't want anyone to be confused, and in the absence of alternative thread titling by Soul Tear, I've changed the title. Better, possibly more accurate, suggestions are sought from illustrious viewers.
    When I saw the current title just now I got the impression that Soul Tear had done what NV already did. My suggestion is to use terms that are completely different than 'Enhancement Pack' maybe something like Next Gen or something that doesn't give the impression that this is not the new version of EP.

    btw the work looks great!

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