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Thread: Visible Upgrade: Unofficial patch for Deus Ex 2

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    If you get the issue again, try disabling the texture pack and see if it makes a difference. But if you're going to replay the game once more, please wait for the next version of the patch.

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    Question: it would be good for DXIW a change to a "deusex2.exe" main exe as you did for TDS?

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    It's already using that name - unless you install with the Steam option enabled to get the overlay working. (In that case the exe name must be the original, or Steam gets confused.)

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    LOL, you're right! Maybe add the note about the exe change.

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    Thank you!

    Hey, I literally created an account just so I could directly thank you for this, snobel.

    Gotta say: superb work all around. I'd say you about did for Invisible War what Kentie's launcher did for the original Deus Ex.
    It was the only way I could get the game running properly on my rig, since it wouldn't recognize my alterations to the .ini files, for whatever reason.
    Didn't encounter any glitches so far whatsoever. Perfect timing, too, since I only started playing about 2 days ago.
    8 hours in, really digging it. Here's to hoping more people try out this frequently overlooked gem.


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    Thanks - glad you find it useful. If you encounter any bugs that you can reproduce from a save, please do report them...

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