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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dump! ✮✮✮

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    Buck stops at the top. Hell he didn't have to sing it for it to pass even Maddow called him out on it

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    Yeah? And what's the point of putting someone else in at the top who'll do the exact same thing while leaving the substructure intact to allow it to happen?

    I know. You voted for Johnson. And know what? Fuck it. I kinda wish he won too. Not because I think he'd be a good president exactly, but because he doesn't have Hillary's suspect baggage and vast amount of conspiracy theories being drug behind him, and he doesn't rile up the alt-right weirdos like Trump does. We might be in the middle of another great recession were he to have won, but we wouldn't care, cuz we'd all be getting high on our totally legal store bought weed!

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    Most of congress belong in jail. Too many democrats and republicans and not enough Americans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renzatic View Post
    It's weird when I agree with you. Makes me feel weird in my belly.

    The Russians leveraged a lot of our current political bugbears on both sides of the fence for us to better wield against ourselves. Though with that said, and the issue of collusion is still very much up in the air, it did seem they favored Trump over Hillary, simply for the fact that he is the better chaos candidate of the two.

    If you were Russia, and you really want to put us into a situation where our heads become stuck up our ass on all front, domestic and international, would you favor...

    Hillary Clinton, who has been involved politics for nearly 30 years, was our most recent Secretary of State up until the election, and is on a first name basis with many world leaders?


    Donald Trump, a real estate mogul with a tremendous knack for self promotion, and who's political acumen begins and ends with being good at making up scathing nicknames for people?


    edit: Did you hear that Donald Trump claimed he met with the president of the Virgin Islands recently?

    There's some more concrete reasons than that they can point to that would explain why the Russians absolutely hated Hillary Clinton and whatever influence they had over her during her tenure as Secretary of State seemed to have been outbid. Even the available intel analysis so far has concluded that they didn't particularly care about Trump either way but just hated Hillary. The biggest reasons is that she was openly advocating for the overthrow of some Russian puppet states (most notably Syria) that they NEED to have in order to prevent a complete economic collapse. If they lose their natural gas monopoly in Europe it would be very little time before they look like Venezuela.

    Oddly enough Trump seems to have been co-opted on his original anti-war policy positions (which to my mind was his redeeming virtue) and there are some specific catalysts that right-leaning independent journalists have pointed to, most notably the generals he appointed. Mike Cernovich in particular had some interesting comments that I'm inclined to accept because there multiple times when he leaked stories from the Trump team hours ahead of those events actually occurring such a warning that a missile strike was imminent in Syria six hours before it happened.

    Edit: Forgot to add another aspect as to why people hate Russia.

    There's the odd death of Edmond Saffra that I suspect is also driving some of this hysteria over Putin. A basic recap of the story is available in this story from 2000:

    What that story doesn't mention is that Saffra was involved in some shady business regarding "money laundering" in Russia at a very high level and embezzlement of IMF funds: . They put the nurse in jail for the murder which is somewhat bizarre given that others were stabbed on sight and eyewitnesses reported a commando team had raided his safehouse. Even more bizarrely all 20 guards were given the night off and the fire department took hours to respond despite being nearby.

    An extremely strange affair occurred concerning Saffra, Hermitage Capital, Putin, and Mikhael Ghodorvsky. The moment Yeltsin is caught embezzling funds, he steps down and then Westerners involved in trying to influence Russian politics to keep Putin out of office (ones who actually are billionare "bankster" types) start dying and being exiled from Russia immediately surrounding Putin's rise to power.

    It wasn't just Safra who died. Bereszovsky, who fled to Britain obtaining political asylum, "hung" himself. Sergei Magnitsky, who represented Safra’s Hermitage Capital Management mysteriously died in prison.
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