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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dump! ✮✮✮

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    Ah! Very interesting!

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    His recent change in tact might show that Mueller might have him dead to rights on obstruction. Remember when he admitted on live TV about firing Comey over "this Russia thing", constantly claiming that it was a dead end dog and pony show put forth by the Democrats?

    Now that the indictment's out, he's now admitting that, yes, the Russians did interfere in our election, the government has known about it since before Trump was elected president, and it's entirely Obama's fault for not doing anything about it.

    And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why most politicians are always guarded in what they say, and speak in political noncommittals.

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    Yeah, this means Lord Dampnut boldly and maliciously lied when he said there had been no Russian interference (cause apparently Putin told him so). And not only that, he has actively tried to fight the investigation into this. Also, that sniveling weasel Nunes must have known about it, as well as at least some people in Lord Dampnut's cabinet. And they either did nothing or actively helped Lord Dampnut.

    It's also baffling to see some people on the right go: "Russians interfered in our election, what's the big deal?"

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    It certainly does look suspicious.

    And a good response for that little quip would be "just pretend they did it for Hillary."

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    Er... they already do. One of the fringe narratives is that the Russians colluded with Hillary to attack Lord Dampnut.

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    Yeah, that has become something of the new go-to excuse. Apparently the Russians cooperated in part with the Steele dossier, and now the Democrats are trying to spin it on the Republicans to avoid culpability.

    ...which doesn't make a damn bit of sense if you spend more than 5 seconds thinking about it.

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    Well Trump is finally first in something: voted by political historians as worst president in US history.

    The study, conducted every four years, surveys social science researchers from the American Political Science Association’s section on presidents and executive politics. It asks the experts to rank each president’s greatness on a scale of 0 to 100, with 100 being great, 50 being average, and 0 being a total failure.

    Mr Trump averaged a score of 12.34, bumping James Buchanan – the president who saw the US descend into the Civil War – out of the bottom spot. The result comes just months after Trump finished his first year in office as the most unpopular president in modern history.
    And just to add insult to injury:

    Mr Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, jumped 10 places since the survey was last conducted in 2014, to spot number eight.

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    "I am the BEST worst president of all time!"

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    Nobody ......

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    I completely get why Trump was elected. People were getting sick of the PC movement going on. Firstly I doubt that many of them knew what they were getting themselves in for with him, and secondly he has done so much harm to the attempts to move away from it, that we're stuck with it from here on me thinks. And that is the true tragedy of it all as Trump is on the complete opposite side of the equation.

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    I could understand the drive for something different. But, you know, sometimes it's a better idea to swallow your pride, and settle with the status quo until a viable alternative shows up. Jumping at the first thing that presents itself nets you someone like Donald J. Trump.

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    Exactly. In my countries case we got Tony Abbott. Equally horrible. Luckily he got ousted from leadership after a few embarrassing years.

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    I wouldn't say he was equally horrible. He didn't have a weird cult of personality, stocked with particularly rabid, incredibly stupid people surrounding him like Trump does. It's like he owns a demographic made up entirely of Goldmoons.

    I can understand to a point why some people voted for Trump. Considering the turn-out during the election, it's pretty safe to assume that some Obama voters decided to swing with the devil we didn't know over the devil we did for the sake of, I dunno, variety, I guess, assuming all the while that his rather contentious campaign was primarily due to Trump showing off his reality TV showmanship chops. But the people who continue to support him even now? Are they just not paying attention? At best, the guy is an inept blowhard.

    There's no shame in saying "hey, maybe I fucked up this time."

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    Does anyone here ever listen to Dick Morris? He was Bill Clinton's campaign manager. He has a book out "Rogue Spooks" that explains a lot of what is going on today. I humbly suggest looking him up here:

    Believe his stuff or not. I find him very entertaining, especially when he throws crap at Hillary. This is a man that worked with the Clinton's for years. I think his opinion and observations deserve to be heard.

    One warning... he does a lot of ads for gold and other investment schemes... I just look past that. I'm about 75% with him on his views.

    Note: edited to correct the book title.
    Last edited by bjack; 20th Feb 2018 at 18:32.

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    Registered: May 2004
    Sure, to laugh at him and his hilariously wrong predictions. Other than that, my only impression of him is from Century of the Self which does not exactly paint a flattering picture of him.

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    @ Dia - you might have posted the government health warning with that video.

    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    I completely get why Trump was elected.
    So do I. But they just chose a complete dick. I'm not au fait with loads of successful US businessmen but if they'd chosen someone more like e.g. Bill Gates (or probably anyone else) who appears to be successful without the crap attached (I think) then I doubt it would be going so badly.

    Looking for a laugh? Seems John Oliver is back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    A "smart" conservative being the operative word. So far we haven't seen anything approaching that. It's been just baseless pronouncements. If you start name calling then you will complete the usual profile of a US conservative, inn. Oh wait. You did with the smug "liberals" label. I'll take you at face value that you are a Brit though in my experience the word "bloody" is only followed by hell or bastard. You must feel awfully alone over there in supporting Trump then.
    Corr blimey, no. Bloody is used literally bloody everywhere. I think there are possibly more pro-Trump people in the UK than you might think, just look what happened to Sadiq Khan recently for instance.
    Why don't you tell us why you feel so strongly Trump has no collusion? His brand is yet doing multi millions in business there and he has gone against congress in sanctions. Follow the money has always been a good axiom. Why is this time different?
    I'm not going to argue against that because well I'm not American and frankly I don't care enough about the issue to try and 'change your mind'. Or in other words, I don't feel that strongly about it, only that none of the evidence shown so far has been convincing.
    Last edited by inn-sidious; 20th Feb 2018 at 19:01.

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    What happened to Sadiq Khan recently?

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    Might have been when all four of Trump's supporters in the UK tried to put him under citizen's arrest at a Fabian society meeting.

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    Chakat sex pillow
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    Y'know, there hasn't been a single person I've met from the UK in the past ten years who's actually said 'cor blimey' in a conversation, sarcastically or otherwise.

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    Registered: May 2004
    Ah, that's the first I've heard of it:

    Supporters of President Trump built gallows and attempted a citizens arrest of London Mayor Sadiq Khan Saturday over Khan's criticism of Trump.

    The Washington Post reported that a group of men, led by an anti-Islamic nationalist, brought the gallows out onto the street outside of an event where Khan, the city's first Muslim mayor, was giving a speech on Saturday. The gallows featured a white dragon and read "TAKE BACK CONTROL."

    The group interrupted the event ahead of Kahn's speech, ultimately delaying it by 15 minutes while they attempted a citizens arrest of the London mayor and other officials, according to reports.

    The men were led by David Russel, who reporters identified as a member of the far-right English Defense League and the host of an anti-Islamic radio show.


    One of the men also approached Khan holding an American flag.

    "Mr. Khan, there's millions of British people supporting Donald Trump," he said. The crowd booed in response.

    When police did arrive, they told Russel and his group they would have to leave.

    Russel produced a piece of paper that he said listed the grounds for Khan’s arrest and outlined his complaints against the mayor.

    "We don't do citizen's arrests. We do lawful arrests," the officer replied.

    Eventually, the men left the event, which the crowd applauded, and Khan began to speak again.

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    Now that's something to be proud of right there.

    "Hey guys! Remember that time we mobbed up and constructed a subtle death threats to an elected official while trying to take him down? Yeah! That was fun! WE WILL NOT BE REPLACED!"

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    Registered: May 2004
    Not to mention the whole replacement "theory" is incredibly idiotic in the first place:

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