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Thread: ✮✮✮ !Trump Dump! ✮✮✮

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    Registered: May 2004
    Er... so what if Cortez wears a 3000$ outfit for a photo shoot? It's not like she bought it? How has an outfit that was lent to her for a specific purpose anything to do with her rent?

    Also, why not subsidise education directly, including vocational training? If the country needs electricians/plumbers, etc, why not pay for that, like a lot of other countries do? And it's not as if free college education is meant to give anyone any degree that they want. Typically, the state decides how many computer engineers they want to "order", how many lawyers, etc. And students still need to pass tests and conditions to get admitted in the first place.

    Free higher education also means that young people don't have to start their lives in debt and it helps make the playing field more even by not making access to education dependent on the size of the parents' wallets.

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    lawyers should all be shot.

    and again, no such thing as free, it's paid for by taxes, we do have many "free" programs for those who qualify income wise, at least here in CA.
    NOW if by "higher" you mean hardvard/UCLA etc etc etc then the cost there are pretty damn high, housing and food are a joke if you want to live in campus .
    I would not mind seeing some of those grants going towards SOME vocational training and I also want to see many of the bogus "colleges" who prey on those who don't know any better get prosecuted

    there are a ton of these stupid things here in CA, get rich quick schemes with promised of careers in HC/beauty/mechanics/chef's etc etc etc, we all end up eating that shit sandwich thanks to fraud.

    rant over.

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    It's not free, it's subsidized, and the issue of cost isn't too steep of one among the vocational bunch. The individual states handle them fairly well through local grants already. It's the higher end of the educational pool, the tech, STEM, and medical fields, that are too expensive for the vast majority of people to afford without risking decades of debt.

    Which doesn't bode well for us. The very jobs we need to maintain and grow the nation are the ones that are hardest to access.

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    Democrats widen the gap in the House:

    Democratic former national security aide to Barack Obama Andy Kim defeated two-term Republican incumbent Rep. Tom MacArthur in New Jersey’s 3rd District, leaving the state GOP with just one House seat in the next Congress.

    Kim upset MacArthur in the hotly contested southern New Jersey district, widening the Democrats’ edge in the House.

    Kim declared victory last week, but MacArthur did not concede as mail-in and provisional ballots continued to be counted. The Associated Press called the race Wednesday.
    So that's 36 seats in the House gained (with 8 more up in the air) and possibly up to 2 seats in the Senate lost. Not bad at all, considering the Democrats had the worst Senate map in a long time, having to defend 26 seats as compared to just 9 for Republicans. And for the next two elections the situation will be reversed.

    Or, in Lord Dampnut's world, a complete victory for Republicans (except for the ones that lost and needed to be called out for not supporting Lord Dampnut enough).

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