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Thread: Search function glitch

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    Search function glitch

    In the Thief Fan Mission Forum I searched for "The Secret Way" using the forum search function. The first page of results showed 1 to 100 of 500 results, and there were 5 pages. When I click on the second page it changes to 101 to 200 of 268 and 3 pages. On the same page many of the shown threads are duplicates... Some were listed four times so it seems like there is a glitch somewhere.

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    Agreed that's coonfusing and it's a result of using sphinx for the search function (which is much faster than the in-built search). The number of results are shown as number of posts even if you search by threads.

    I would suggest also searching for that mission in quotes - "the secret way" - otherwise you'll be searching every post that contains the word "secret" which will give far more results than you want.

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    Thanks for the tip. I was wondering if there was a way to specify a series of words that always appear together... in this case a mission title. Since secrets are used everywhere in Thief missions you were definitely right about the number of results.

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    There's a list of search tips here.

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