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Thread: what was your favourite game you played in 2016 ?

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    It also offers far superior exploration to HR.

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    well I finshed MD today and wasnt that impressed with the ending, just felt incomplete, especially with that dumb ass cut scene halfway through the ending credit, I mean really?
    I literally saved 100's of people from dying, what an anticlimax.

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    Fallout 4. And hands down one of the best games i ever played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PigLick View Post
    I find MD not as compelling as HR, better in some ways, but the story is really bland
    I wish it didn't laser focus so much on the augments vs. normals divide, but of games that released in 2016 it's my favorite that I've played so far. Jensen is about to leave Prague for the second time, so I'm guessing I'm not too far from the end.

    Napoleon: Total War ended up being my favorite game of 2016 that was not released in 2016. Wasted waaay too many hours in that one. Game could have used a War of 1812 DLC. The British totally wouldn't have torched the White House if eight million U.S. Marines had been there instead of a few thousand militia.

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