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Thread: Found a bag of old CDs! (mostly gaming magazine cover discs)

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    Found a bag of old CDs! (mostly gaming magazine cover discs)

    Follow me, won't you, on a nostaliga trip into the bag of old CDs I found at my mom's place.

    Intriguing! Let's unpack this bad boy!


    Upper row: 5 old games, a huge pile of PC Gamer UK cover discs.

    Lower row: drivers and crap (will be thrown away), demo discs from various magazines that aren't PC Gamer UK, general PC magazine cover discs, shareware collections and the like.

    Let's take a closer look at some of these discs!

    The Games

    Only one of these I remember playing extensively and enjoying is Gripped Off-Road Racing. Not sure I even tried whatever Chaos Overlords is, and only played enough of Fantasy General to instill in me a life-long hate-affair with hex-based strategy games.

    PC Plus Super CD, October 1995

    First PC magazine I ever bought. I remember being disappointed with the lack of games on the disc. Not the first computer magazine I ever bought though, that would be an issue of Commodore 64 mag Zapp 64, in the early 90's.

    PC Gamer US, January 1996

    I bought this while on holiday in Teneriffe with my mom and sister. This was more like it. Lots of cool games!

    PC Gamer UK, discs from 1996-2002 (not all the discs from that period. Also, some discs from Swedish and Finnish issues of PC Gamer mixed in)

    It was later in 1996 that I discovered, to great delight, that the store in my town had started stocking PC Gamer UK. IIRC, the first issue I bought had Terra Nova on the cover. Expensive as hell, it cost me 3 or 4 allowances per issue, and I probably would've saved a lot of money if I'd figured out how to subscribe, but I just kept buying the expensive single-issues anyway. I loved PC Gamer UK, and not just for the demo discs, but for the writing in the magazine. It was smart, funny, and in English. It represented a world I wanted to be a part of. And, being stuck in a tiny Finnish town, it was my one window into that world.

    Gonna end this post here. Will post about the rest of the CDs later. I hope you will join me on my further travels... INTO THE BAG!

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    Is Gripped the same thing as SODA? That game is still awesome.

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    I remember when I used to have a stack of demo CDs that big. Looking at that PC Game disc in particular takes me back to the days of playing the Bad Mojo demo while trying to figure out how to get Under A Killing Moon to work on my old janky computer back in the day.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Moyer View Post
    Is Gripped the same thing as SODA? That game is still awesome.
    Yeeeeeeees! I was surprised to see it labeled as Gripped because I seemed to remember it having a way sillier name than that. SODA it was.

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    Here's a couple of discs from Swedish magazines. The first one is where I first got my hands on the Duke3D shareware episode. Prey for Death was a pretty cool beat em up as well. The second disc has Myth, Tomb Raider 2 and Total Annihilation, as well as the hottest new software like Internet Explorer 4.0 and mIRC!

    Can't remember anything about this Finnish magazine, and this is the only disc I have from it. Some good demos tho. Urban Chaos!

    Couple of discs from another Finnish mag. Nightmare Creatures!

    Attack Games and PC Play. I think the common theme with these 2 was that they were relatively cheap magazines, very light on the writing and reviews, but with generous demo discs. Also I think PC Play was the one that showed a picture of a scantily clad lady if you clicked the correct pixel in the demo-menu. That's not why I own so many of them tho. Really. Let's just move on ok

    LOTSA HOT STUFF! Now this is a demo disc. "Be all the nörd you can be!" Ah... the 90's. Pretty sure this was a Norwegian magazine that I bought on some class trip. Big Red Racing was the bomb.

    And finally... Euro Power Pack 1004.

    I have no idea what this is.

    Ok, that about wraps it up. I've tried a few of these discs and while they seem to work just fine, I can't get the demo-menus started. Not sure if I'll need a Win98 emulator or something to get this stuff working on Win10.

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    Lemmings Paintball? Apparently that really was a thing that happened.

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    Big Red Racing was awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrian View Post
    Lemmings Paintball? Apparently that really was a thing that happened.
    Yes. I even own the full game. Somehow I had to own everything Lemmings-related at one point.

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    Seems contradictory. The point of (fictional) Lemmings is to march blindly towards a horrible death, the point of paintball is to shoot people without killing them.

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