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Thread: Global Server for Thief 2 MP?

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    Global Server for Thief 2 MP?

    I was wondering. Is there a global server for the Thief 2 Multiplayer? If not, how would I be able to create one?

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    Since newdark update changed engine code, MP is no longer available now.

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    MP is still available. I still play it with my brother on an older version of Thief (I even made a guide how to get it to work flawlessly )

    However, I don't think there is a global server available. And as far as I know you cannot make dedicated servers, so you will always have to be in the server yourself. There is an option somewhere in the server creation window that you can enable to make it global, all other players will need your IP address.

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    @GORT this what my friend left me in offline chat


    *****: well, only the client side of the global server is in the source
    *****: so we can't put online a new global server
    *****: we need wether the source code or the exe
    *****: I've found a post of "Tos" stating "I've disabled the global server functionality in the public source to keep the only official builds listed on the GS."
    *****: so it's not surprising the global server source code is not on github
    *****: Coding a new global server is a project independent of ThiefMP because it's only used to connect people by getting an IP
    *****: But it's not an easy task either.
    *****: Btw, the hook to Thief 2 executable is done by memory address. So if someone wants to adapt it to a new game using this engine, it needs to decompile the executable like Tos did with the IDA Decompiler
    *****: TLDR: the same Tos work needs to be done with the new game

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