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Thread: How many Germans are here to enjoy Thief?

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    How many Germans are here to enjoy Thief?

    I recently wondered if, and how many German Thief players this site has. What are your opinions on the German localization? Would you say it is superior to the English counterpart, like it is the case with System Shock 2? (Of course this is subjective but I'd like to hear your opinions anyway ) I really enjoy both localizations a lot, Stephen Russell did an amazing job aswell as the rest of the cast. English System Shock 2 IMO lost a lot of its flair because they only chose to get professional VAs for some of the main characters and left the rest to random office staff (one would believe that). Also I think it is a huge shame that the localized version is so hard to get. Neither GoG nor Steam offer them and I've only managed to acquire it on retail disk. I've heard there's a french localization too, does anyone know if it's any good?

    Anyway, discuss, I guess

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    Well I am Austrian so I played the German translation of Thief 1 and Thief 2 (I havenīt played "German" System Shock 2) They are ok, I guess. Nothing in comparison with the original voice acting. I particularly disliked the voice actor of Garret in T1 but in T2 he was actually pretty cool. Also guards donīt use "Taffer" in the German version, which is sad.

    But you can always change the localization by downloading the sound and text files from (you then have to extract them, there is a Youtube video for that) I did that for Thief 1 and it worked fine (but I actually own both the German versions of Thief: the dark project and Thief 2)

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    True, German Thief 1 Garrett (Andreas Bruckner) could have been a bit more fleshed out. I always thought he was lacking a good sense of humor and irony unlike Torsten Michaelis in Thief 2. Nevertheless he managed to capture the mood pretty well, also considering Garrett was less experienced and younger in Thief 1. As for "Taffer", yeah, it's sad, but I guess it couldn't be helped. How would you translate something as abstract as that? xD Then again I was reminded alot of Monty Python's humor especially during that hilarious archer dispute in "The life of Party".

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    I'm from Germany, but, frankly, I play games in English wherever I can. IMO, the English language versions are superior, especially in games where it adds much to the atmosphere, like the Fallout games. So, yeah, definitely prefer the English versions. Rare exceptions: The Gothic and Risen games. But then, those are games from a German developer which obviously demanded a quality localization. Skyrim isn't half bad either in German.

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    I'm a big fan of Gothic too, compared to Skyrim (Which IMO wasn't all that great of a game to begin with), I'd say that the VA in German Thief is definitely also a worthy localization. You should really try it out sometime, I was definitely surprised

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