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Thread: Roll Over Beethoven

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    Roll Over Beethoven

    He's got no particular place to go now.

    Rest in Rock Chuck Berry

    Revolutionized the sound of popular music, hugely influentual to our times, larger than life, not without a weird fetishistic darkside, but man those songs & that sound.

    I always thought the best life would be one like Pierre & the mademoiselle, simple but good music and good living.
    Goes to show you never can tell.
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    Holy shit, Chuck Berry had been alive all this time? That's honestly the most shocking part to this.

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    "Nadine" is my fave of his songs.

    RIP Chuck Berry

    also, what Trance said.

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    His work may one day be discovered by an alien race or just soar through space forever aboard Voyager. Not a bad legacy.

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    Great talent lost. RIP sir. You lived a long life. Good for you. Chuck Berry. He kicked ass. God’s speed sir.

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