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Thread: OpenAl/Eax Adjust Reverb Intensity?

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    OpenAl/Eax Adjust Reverb Intensity?

    I am thoroughly enjoying the environmental effects using eax via openal within Thief 2, but I find it is slightly overdone for the most part. Is there anyway to adjust the overall intensity of the reverb?

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    There is a second reverb option available using the following parameter:

    when using a EAX capable OpenAL device and reverb is enable (EAX option in options menu), the sound driver
    will use EAX reverb instead of AL's EFX reverb. Specifying this option will suppress the usage of EAX
    reverb and only use EFX reverb.

    NOTE: the menu option EAX does not specifically mean EAX, it only means reverb in general

    The changes are minimal but could be exactly what you like.

    With NewDark comes a file al_reverb.ini which you can find in docs.
    I think if you put a modified copy of that into your game folder the reverb will be different. But I have no idea how to use/modify it. That would be up to someone else. Well I would guess there are documentations and examples out there since its OpenAl.

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    If you have a Creative type sound card you can use the Creative Audio Control Panel. Click on the EAX Effects tab and adjust the EAX Effects Amount with the slider control.

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    So I guess dedicated sounds do still have their place, might be time to grab one.

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