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Thread: Stealth Doc Channel (Thief heavily present)

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    Stealth Doc Channel (Thief heavily present)

    Continuing my "randomly finding Thief content while surfing" adventures, here's an interesting youtube channel which focuses on the history of the stealth genre, including the Thief games, and even has a standalone video about the Soulforge level in T2:

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    This YouTuber is gonna have a rough time once he gets to Siren (ps2)!

    That said I'm glad at least someone enjoyed Soul Forge

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    Nice video thumbnail, that.

    Spot on, Chris.

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    I watched some videos a while back and you brought my attention back to the channel (somehow forgot to sub it) and watched the three latest videos I haven´t seen before. That dude makes interesting videos but they are somewhat too dry for my taste.

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