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Thread: Announcement: Lost Places Contest

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    Announcement: Lost Places Contest

    The theme for this contest is “Lost Places.”

    The idea is to create a mission that takes place away from the civilized areas of the world. The setting should involve something remote and abandoned, typically run down and deteriorating, and not easily accessible. Places where the original inhabitants are long gone (but others may have taken their place). Examples might include:

    • Ancient temples
    • Exotic ruins
    • Lost cities
    • Deserted castles
    • Abandoned factories/warehouses
    • Neglected tombs/crypts
    • Vacated villages

    And so on!

    Time Period: Today (April 4th) to August 31st (about 5 months)

    Open to: All variants of Thief. This includes Thief 1, Thief Gold, Thief 2, Thief Deadly Shadows, and The Dark Mod.

    Voting: We’ll decide on voting closer to the deadline, but I’m sure it will be similar to what’s been done in the past, with a poll on TTLG.

    Restrictions: There are no restrictions on size or use of custom content.

    If possible, send me a PM and let me know if you intend to enter the contest. When done, send me a link to your mission and I will host it on Southquarter.

    Good luck to all!

    Edit: Late addition to the rules - you are allowed to build your mission off of work done prior to the start of the contest. This would likely be in the form of an old/abandoned mission that was never finished. You cannot however use any completed missions (such as an OM or FM) as a base.
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    Does the mission building have to begin today? Or can we use an old or abandoned mission as the base?

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    I have no problem with using old incomplete mis files. I would just say using any OM or completed FM would be out.

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    Desperately Dodgy Moderator
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    Cool beans, well this one definitely counts as incomplete. Now it depends on when I manage to release DCE, and if the other author gives permission. If I don't have at least 6 weeks I won't even try for the contest.

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    This funny as I have just started on a new mission which is based on an abandoned part of town.

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