Oh yeah, things progressing very nicely until I decided to put some thievable cash into my growing level and when I went into game mode and tried to pick it up...crash bang wallop Assertion Failure:: Obj ID1501984 is our of rangein cObjArray:: operator[] (M_Bounds.Min==-8192, M_Bounds.Max==8000) (File::ObjArray.h, Line:106)
Blah, Blah, Blah...well bugger you Dromed...I have had this before, herald one of my hdd,s plugged into my docking station..a quick rootle around and a nice new copy of convict and gen.osm,s the faulty ones renamed and the new ones copied into place and Bob's your uncle working nicely again.
Damn Dromed and it's little jokes...very flamin' funny.