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Thread: Shortcut key: "Reset" button

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    Shortcut key: "Reset" button

    Does someone know if there is any way to associate this button function to a shortcut key?

    I'd like to be able to reset my default brush texture with the desired one using a combination of keys, and not having to click on this button each time I need it...

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    Not sure but here's the last shortcut image I had

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    I might be wrong but the chances are bad.

    you need a command to bind on a key.

    1st problem What command assigns a texture?
    2nd even worse problem, that command will need a value - how do we get the current selected face texture:/

    If we could solve these

    eval var command can do the job I think

    well the command is reset_brush_tx -- just realized it takes a parameter
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    You might put this in in a cmd. This will reset the texture and assign a default texture other than just jorge

    set_brush_tx xxx
    xxx=number of your default texture
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