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Thread: FM crashing at objective screen

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    FM crashing at objective screen

    So I've been nicked's Dromed tutorial and I just finished publishing the mission which worked fine until I noticed I still had the nvdebug script in it. So I went to delete it, saved the mission again and re-zipped it all. Now when I play it though it crashes at the objective screen with none of the objectives loading at all. I looked through all the files and the naming is correct but it still crashes even after redoing everything from scratch. Anyone know what might be causing this? I'll include the files via Google Drive in case anyone wants to check it over.


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    I downloaded the zip and noticed that you have a folder within your zip that contains the actually mis file and folders.
    zip your file and folders without the above map and your mission is doing fine.

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    Ah, I thought by zipping the folder it would just zip the contents in it not including the folder. Thanks for pointing that out to me!

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