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Thread: A City To Crack the Rendering Engine

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    A City To Crack the Rendering Engine

    I saw a painting once of a city built inside of a volcano, and have always wanted to do one in a game.

    But, I'd also like to do a city covering a steep mountain. Which one, if any, would be easier for a decent graphics card to digest?

    I realize that not everyone has a killer machine. That said, is it the polygons that slow down the game? Is it the high-rez textures?

    In one of the Dromed docs, it said to always lay down the solids first and then carve out the insides. IOW, don't build a complete building, full of details, and then do the next building in the same manner.

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    A city in a volcano would have natural unscalable boundaries. That is an advantage.

    As to what causes rendering problems? Well, it generally is asking the engine to render too much stuff at too high a resolution. So 16 bit vs. 32 bit vs 32 bit 2X lightmaps makes a difference. Long lines of sight makes a difference. Geometric complexity makes a difference. Texture resolution makes a difference. But I think that with NewDark, your horizons are much expanded and you should be able to do your volcano city with few intrinsic rendering problems.
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