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Thread: Deus Ex 1: Heavy Weapons Run!

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    Deus Ex 1: Heavy Weapons Run!

    I usually carry one heavy weapon (the GEP gun), occasionally two (the flamethrower is awesome), this time I decided to go whole hog and carry three! Who needs all that inventory space, anyway? Now everything I've got is on the utility belt, lol. ...Honestly I wouldn't miss the plasma rifle if I just dropped it, though, man that thing is kind of useless.

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    Somebody found a bug in the plasma rifle code that kind of nerfs it in single player. I suspect that the major mods have fixed it, because I played Revision and GMDX last year and the plasma rifle seemed more effective than what I remembered. It's still not powerful enough to justify the inventory space it requires, but it's an OK middle distance weapon in a heavy-only build like yours. With master heavy weapons skill you can even snipe with it against stationary targets, to save rockets. I usually don't bother with it because it's just boring to use. Especially when your other weapons are the flamethrower and GEP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heywood View Post

    It's still not powerful enough to justify the inventory space it requires
    Absolutely. The heavies took a ridiculous amount of space. Just not worth it barring the GEP. This is addressed in v9.

    Still the largest weapons inventory-wise, but it's just more sensible.

    Hmm, may need to downscale the icons by like 5% more.

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