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Thread: The Dark Project - Unreal Engine 4

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    The Dark Project - Unreal Engine 4

    I want to share with you the work that I've been working on for a while

    The Dark Project UE4 - Compare Preview (

    The Dark Project UE4 - Gameplay Test Preview (

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    that is cool,out of curiosity would you happen to be dawn from ut 1999 who ran a server and made custom maps?

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    This looks unbelievable!!!! Great job, I'd love to play this

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    I've always wanted to see a Thief remaster (if it was done right), and never thought anyone would actually do anything like that. I realize this is just a demo and may never be anything more, but it's still really impressive nonetheless. Great work!

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    Where's the damn fullscreen button on that player?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZylonBane View Post
    Where's the damn fullscreen button on that player?
    Right click > This Frame > Open Frame in New Tab (Firefox)

    This is pretty cool though I must admit I'm not a fan of the TS style distance fog and color choices.

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    Looks interesting, nice job. What is your plan, to recreate the game, including standard Thief gameplay mechanics, or is this more of just a bit of experimentation on the visual side of things?

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    Seems to be a complete rework of Thief: The Dark Project.

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    First of all I want to ask you all, what do you want me to do next?

    If you ask my wishes;
    I want to remake this game completely with staying true to the original (same story, same levels, same mechanics etc.)
    But of course there must be improvements like fighting, knocking down, climbing animations, physics systems etc.
    And if you ask me, new thief game must be very hard more than original. You have to move very quiet and stealth because you are a thief, not a warrior. Challenging a guard face to face must be really hard. I bought this and I think this is great animation references for new guards (

    My content that I share about thief is just a preview and I want to re-model every polygon much much better and more realistic in future.
    First of all I need to sort out the legal stuff before I go to far with this work, this is the most important stage. After that maybe I can start kickstarter project to teaming up, buying stuff, etc... (Game will be completely Free-to-Play like The Dark Mod)
    Even so, If I can't do anything about legal stuff, I'll continue remake game with myself and complete the game after 10 years.

    Thief remake will be exist somehow!
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    I believe it's much easier on the legal front to release something like this as a mod that requires files from an installation of the original game to work (I think that's what the Skywind/Skyblivion people are doing, and they haven't been shut down).

    I would also say that from the demo it looks a bit busy visually with all the desks and bookshelves everywhere. Part of me likes the added objects because it makes the space look well used and lived in, but at the same time I also like the original version's functional but empty spaces, since it is supposed to be the training course. My dream Thief remaster floats back and forth between a more realistic and difficult experience like TDM and something that feels exactly the same as the original games (complete with dark engine quirks) but just looks better. Both certainly can't exist within the same project, but I'd be happy with either one.

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    Well, the first area of A Keeper's Training is now impossible to sneak through. So there's that.

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    Kickstarter? So you plan to make this a commercial product. Well good luck, Eidos owns the IP, and they're not exactly Cyan. You likely won't get far. Even as a strictly free, fan project, they'll probably still shut you down.

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    Impressive work Dawstream, i hope get the chance to play it.

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    Nice looking video, but beyond portfolio-building, it has no chance of actually seeing the day in the way you envisioned. The legal reasons have already been raised, but there is also the issue of building a full-scale stealth game of your own. This has been done with The Dark Mod, and it took roughly five years of work by a large and dedicated team to make it function, then a few more to make it smooth and satisfying. It is not simply a matter of making a functional lightgem and a simple object interaction system. The real work comes afterwards.

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    That looks fantastic Dawnstream, if you really do intend to recreate the game are you going to release it level by level?

    I'd love to play through even the first level of Thief in a modern engine.

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    Dawnstream, your work is wonderful and you are quite talented. I think everyone here would love to play a pound for pound remake of The Dark Project in a modern engine, but I agree with everyone that the licensing issues will keep you from doing a kickstarter or generating income from it. That being said I hope you continue and do as much work to it as possible, I always look forward to anything new that is Thief related! Kudos and good work!

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    Thank you all for your comments.

    I want to correct something misunderstood. I'm not planning generating income from this project. This Remake Project will be completely free like The Dark Mod.
    My kickstarter plan's purpose is just teaming up, buying stuff, etc... to complete game. I already spent about 500$ to game assets just for what you did watched. My question to Square-Enix will be just "Can I get donated and remake this game to share it free-to-play", I'm not planing to sell it.
    Like I sad, whatever happens I'll continuee somehow

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    They won't care that you're not making money from it, it's their intellectual property and they'll probably shut you down regardless. It sucks I know, but that's by far the likeliest scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yandros View Post
    They won't care that you're not making money from it, it's their intellectual property and they'll probably shut you down regardless. It sucks I know, but that's by far the likeliest scenario.
    If you right, I need to volunteer people as designers & developers then. It will be more than 10 years to complete the game with only myself

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    I'm not sure why that would even matter. Whether it's just you or 100 volunteers, it's still Eidos' IP. What you're doing - recreating the game in a modern engine - may be something that they want to do at some point, and charge people for it. Just like the System Shock remake. So they're not going to allow someone to just give it away for free.

    If this was some smaller development house, you might be able to work something out. But this is Eidos/Square Enix, a very large corporation. They might not notice your project at first, but eventually they will.

    Not trying to be a killjoy, but these are the facts.

    Edit: I guess I'll add this too - if you really want to do it, collect your volunteers and then work on the thing privately. Then release it anonymously when you're done. Short of that though, you'll probably get a Cease & Desist letter fairly quick.
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    This is tremendous amount of work, but unfortunately, this would probably be a simple case of copyright infringement. Recreating or creating derivative works from copyrighted material (symbols, visuals, mechanics etc.) is prohibited by law. As Unreal Engine fan, I'd love to work with this editor again on stealth game levels. But if you want to release it as playable levels and not just videos, either consider creating a game of your own, a one which can't be constituted as copyright infringement, or join the jolly folks in Thief 2 or The Dark Mod Editing Guild (with your skills I'd recommend the latter).

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    This is really amazing! How long do you work on this first mission? I see that you use some of the HD mod textures what makes sense. Next time it would be great if you send me a short PM to ask me I'm sure that i want to support a project like this.

    There was a similar project what was shut down by Eidos/Square Enix.

    I hope that you can continue your project and i wish you good luck.

    And i want to say again...fantastic work!

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    This looks awesome and I would love to see it completed one day,but I know not to expect anything.That is because its gonna a lot of work plus Square Enix is very protective and depending on where your from the copyright law can be very strict like here the US.

    The DMCA is joke it allows company's to shut something down because the hold the IP even though they have done nothing with nor plan to and in even worse in my opinion considering SE is they have done stuff with it they just to plan on it leaving Japan.They shut down every project to remake Chrono Trigger even though that is in IP they haven't touched since 1999 with still good but all very poor sequel Chrono Cross.Chrono Cross is kind like Invisible War,good game in its own right but leaves a lot be desired when in the shadow of its predecessor,not to mention its treatment of the Dragon Quest Fan Base which gone from good to bad to terrible to back to good lets see how long that will last.

    I hope they don't shut down the projects trying to turn the Steam version of Final Fantasy V and VI into the remakes we should have gotten of those games in the first place,that's if the people doing them don't quit first. This project looks awesome but our broken IP law will probably kill.My rule of thumb being if don't plan on using then you don't get to complain about modders and hobbyists doing what you won't especially if they ain't profiting off of it.

    I really have a love/hate relationship with Square they make or have made or own the rights to a lot of my favorite games of all time but they also can be real dicks to their fan bases especially where their less popular series or older works are concerned.Like if like anything FF pre VII Square seems to hate you.

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    I can say with 100% certainty that Square Enix will not grant permission to do a remake of Thief in Unreal 4. With Dark Mod we did not use any of Square Enix's creative property, but rather we were 'inspired by' Thief and created a similar setting and atmosphere.

    They would shut down an attempt to recreate the originals.

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    if you make the remake/engine clone/source port require the original game (sound files, whatever), the ip holders will usually let you be (because potential sales of the original). usually.

    also zero chance on anything official such as kickstarter, maybe you could get away with a moddb paypal donate button, but even that could be risky.

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