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Thread: The Dark Project - Unreal Engine 4

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    I think that's a part of it, yes, but I'm not a lawyer, as I said before. Could be that Le Corbeau does not have the right to allow GOG use his work and that GOG is doing something illegal. Though it would be strange that GOG's lawyers would allow such a gamble.

    I mean, the author allowing its use would logically be the reason why there are no legal ramifications for Squeenix and GOG, no?
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    Eidos knows about NewDark (they'd have to be living under a rock otherwise). If they wanted to shut it down, they would have done so years ago

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    Yeah, I think it's fairly obvious, Le Corbeau doesn't have the right to do anything with Thief - "he" hacked it after all. Thus the anonymity. GOG is either taking their chances or has worked out something with Eidos behind the scenes.

    I'm also not a lawyer. I think that's fairly obvious too.

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    As a rule, companies shut down or sue projects which either impact their bottom line or their control over an IP negatively. NewDark does neither, a hypothetical U4 remake could do both (at least in a company's eye).

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    Publishers these days are generally fine with mods that require ownership of the original game, especially if it attracts more users. Not only that, the Dark Engine is antiquated, and the user base is small enough that NewDark probably only slightly affected any bottom line, and if it did it was probably for profit. SE likely wouldn't be bothered enough to trouble with it, though I'm sure they are aware. Again, it allows people to purchase and run their game on modern systems, there's no reason for them to fight that.

    Thief in Unreal 4 on the other hand, is different. Even though they haven't made a peep about a Thief 5, if it is in development it's probably on UE4. They are much likelier to send a cease and desist over something that potentially affects a future project, versus something that released 17 years ago.

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    Also, it's harder to go after something that has already been released than something that has only been announced. A C&D letter would be pretty much useless for stopping NewDark, for example. And running a Kickstarter would definitely draw attention.

    Not that I wouldn't like to see a Thief remake, but I think a Thief-inspired game has much better chances of survival.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawnstream View Post
    I want to share with you the work that I've been working on for a while

    The Dark Project UE4 - Compare Preview (

    The Dark Project UE4 - Gameplay Test Preview (

    Although I respect the work of others, I can not praise this particular work. The original was colorful, varied. Even in the absence of details, this was compensated by textures (where these details were drawn) and lighting. On the conversion of UE4, it simply became a generic warehouses where instead of texture details the shelves were added.

    And everything is in the same color scheme, as in the early days of xbox 360 games. On the street it's even worse, it's just the original where modern textures were pulled.

    In general, I like the work of artists who recreate scenes from old games on a new engine. Excellent work was on Deus Ex, Bioshock. But Thief is always in bad shape...

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    Looks great.
    Why not just make your own stealth game using similar (or the same) mechanics? You won't have to worry about legal issues and you can feel more proud of it being something you made

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    Hello again,

    It's been a while last time I answer you all sorry. I cancelled this project because of legal issues as you know and I was working on my own project. It is not stealth based, I don't have much skill for that mechanics yet, my new project like penumbra / amnesia but this is just for start to do somethings. When I get more experience about making games I'll go back to the start for thief-inspired stealth based game. You can check this out my new game if you wish. Thank you all for your encouragements

    The House Project - Alpha Gameplay (

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    I still don't understand why they don't execpt a fan Remake of Thief 1!

    Look at this new fan project here!

    A fan remake of Tomb Raider 2 with the Unreal Engine:

    And it's no problem here -> without the original game files of TR2!!! Why?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxrebo6 View Post
    This looks awesome and I would love to see it completed one day,but I know not to expect anything.That is because its gonna a lot of work plus Square Enix is very protective and depending on where your from the copyright law can be very strict like here the US.

    The DMCA is joke it allows company's to shut something down because the hold the IP even though they have done nothing with nor plan to and in even worse in my opinion considering SE is they have done stuff with it they just to plan on it leaving Japan.They shut down every project to remake Chrono Trigger even though that is in IP they haven't touched since 1999 with still good but all very poor sequel Chrono Cross.Chrono Cross is kind like Invisible War,good game in its own right but leaves a lot be desired when in the shadow of its predecessor,not to mention its treatment of the Dragon Quest Fan Base which gone from good to bad to terrible to back to good lets see how long that will last.

    I hope they don't shut down the projects trying to turn the Steam version of Final Fantasy V and VI into the remakes we should have gotten of those games in the first place,that's if the people doing them don't quit first. This project looks awesome but our broken IP law will probably kill.My rule of thumb being if don't plan on using then you don't get to complain about modders and hobbyists doing what you won't especially if they ain't profiting off of it.

    I really have a love/hate relationship with Square they make or have made or own the rights to a lot of my favorite games of all time but they also can be real dicks to their fan bases especially where their less popular series or older works are concerned.Like if like anything FF pre VII Square seems to hate you.
    It doesn't matter what you think, they've paid money to own the IP, it's their's, they can do what they want with it.
    Whether that means they use it or just sit on it, your opinion matters not and is not justification of infringing on said Intellectual property.
    Don't get me wrong, I hate SE and hope they crash and burn so someone else can pick up the Thief IP and do something with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
    A fan remake of Tomb Raider 2 with the Unreal Engine:

    And it's no problem here -> without the original game files of TR2!!! Why?!
    I'd grab that while you can. I imagine it's going to be C&D'd within short order.

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    No, it's officially approved by Eidos Montreal / C&D!
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    Really? Well, nevermind then. That's awesome!

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