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Thread: A six-year break

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    A six-year break

    Looks like I have not posted anything since 2011! I seem to remember having fewer children back then. But the "Thief" games are just the kind of thing that keep bringing me back eventually, and when I suddenly realized that I wanted to kabong people with a skillet again, it was time to fire up T2 and download "Ominous Bequest" again. (and thank you, wonderful people who wrote TFix/TafferPatcher/Sneaky Upgrade. Installing TG and T2 on Windows 10 has been so much easier than the unnatural things I used to have to do to make it work on Windows XP).

    Now I have to find out what I've missed since 2009! I miss the old days of having ratings for levels, but hopefully trawling through old threads will help me find the best of the last 6 years to play through.

    (and it's fun to see that relatively low-res games like T2 can still make me jump! I had forgotten all the creepy things in "Ominous Bequest".)

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    Welcome back, whoever you are.

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    Glad to have you back Motley Fool!

    There have been lots of excellent missions released in the intervening period! There's a best of thread active right now that name drops many of the best recent ones. Although the number of missions released every year is dwindling the quality is definitely increasing!

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    Hello motley, you can download missions and updates from taffers, and there is plenty to play and keep you busy for well month/years really

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    Welcome back, youŽll have to install New dark 1.25 in order to run some missions for thief 2.

    you don't need years to play what you missed, one year or not even that is enough
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    He thanked the makers of TFix and Tafferpatcher so I imagine he's there already.

    Welcome back Motley Fool! You've got a lot of catching up to do.

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    You have a lot of loot to get, hahahah. 6 years of taffing.

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    Welcome back! As the others have said, you've got a LOT of catching up to do. You'll be amazed at what the FM authors have managed to do with Thief since the last time you played.

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    welcome back ,and enjoy all the great missions you about to play,dewdrop said hi also

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    Thank you all, and it's good to see that some things have never changed. When I see Nightwalker and Yandros still around, then everything's just as I remember it, and as it should be.

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    Welcome back.

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    New Dark was right after you left IIRC but looking at the archive there were some great FM's being done back then; Rose Cottage, Keeper Investigations, Unholy Vivid Innocence, Disorientation and many more already had blown away the OM's and then some. Be ready for more WOW with new FM selectors/installers and welcome back

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    I am very picky but even I have to say there have been a lot of great FMs released in last 6 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zajazd View Post
    I am very picky but even I have to say there have been a lot of great FMs released in last 6 years.
    They seem to get better and better each year. Almost every new one that comes out takes the engine and gameplay to a whole new level

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    welcome back....Puts a Mechanist light on for Motley.....Ffff-Teng*!...what a great sound!

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