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Thread: Thief 2 Fan Mission

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    Thief 2 Fan Mission

    Hello there ...

    I wanted a list of thrills and all that Thief 2 had been creating with those amazing Artist of ours in here!

    *applaud to those amazing artist*

    Now ...

    Cartoon Mission ... I remember I played 1 missions that is cartoon looking.
    Hilarious Missions ... there was a funny mission that is hilarious!
    Party missions ... a Non-sense mission that have EVERYTHING inside it ... it's is mission you had to complete in there.
    Element Missions ... Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Spirit ... anyone know a mission that includes it? there was Wind Arrow.
    Nudity Missions ... Pardon my Puns ... Just enjoyed and amazed at how those artist worked hard to make it look nice nude looking ...

    Can you guys tell me what mission was it?

    I heard there was some mission that includes Disability ... Wheelchairs, Blind, Deafness, etc ... can you share me up too?

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    cartoon one is "fables of a penitinent thief"

    nudist mission i think "are missions with brothels
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    I can see 402 been viewed but not sharing Missions Info? ... wow ... need to boost the attitude!

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    Beaten Fables of a Penitent Thief few times ... loved how they made it looks cartoony but one thing should work on ... people. ... Rope Beast is very very creepy but taking the dung from them is .... well honored XD


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    Are you on the dope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icy7rider7 View Post
    I can see 402 been viewed but not sharing Missions Info? ... wow ... need to boost the attitude!
    Perhaps the reason people are viewing your post without replying has more to do with your mostly undecipherable posts and not that we have a "bad attitude".
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    Despite the location, seems obvious there's a language barrier here.

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    Cartoon Mission ... The Medal Age
    Hilarious Missions ... This FM haz NO SENSE
    Party missions ... try this
    Element Missions ...Inverted Manse, Dyer's Eve
    Nudity Missions ...The Stupid Grimrock Quote Reloaded - find the easter egg with lots of nude taffers with huge...

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    My Apology for my Attitude had a bad night last night ...

    thanks for all of your help! i got most of it on my darkloader ...

    @Yandros and @Brethen ... my apology for my attitude It won't happen again! oh I loved your mission RGB and the summits

    @ZylonBane ... %^&$ DOPE! I only have ADHD ... I smoke marijuana to keep stable .... &%$# DOPE! ruined my life long time ago .,.. been clean 7 years away from those DOPE! 15 years marijuana smoker

    I am looking forward to try out new one!

    One most mission I have been waiting for is 5 Tigers ... beaten those 3 missions ... challenging, amazing maps, amazing settings!
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