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Thread: Missions with the best story development?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TannisRoot View Post
    Because of you Motley Fool, I decided to check out this campaign! Unfortunately I don't have much time to play fan missions these days so I only managed to get through Songs and Laughter before having to quit, but it was a very promising start and overall hilarious! Brought back a lot of Thief nostalgia (it's been a while since I've played). Very eager to continue!
    Excellent! I have Made a Difference.

    A quick time calculator for completing each level of the campaign, if you play the Motley Fool Way TM (which is pretty slow)

    Level 1: Short
    Level 2: Long
    Level 3: Shortest (I just wanted to get it over with!)
    Level 4: Longest!
    Level 5: Long

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    Thanks! I'll keep that in mind as I slowly crawl through them!

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    I still hang with frobber's AKOTP. I still have a copy of the original "screen play" done up all nice in actual movie screen play style. It's ...about 70-80 pages and has the master plan all laid out from the beginning. Every spoken word, every objective, every plot twist, locations, player motivation...the lot. It was conceived ahead of time, on paper, in words then brought to life with the dark engine. Plenty of missions have been "better" but I've not been privy to a more calculated and well planed vision from step one. Of course Ken IS an actual rocket scientist and not much goes far in that field without a real plan it was just in his nature. But what a journey for Garrett just to... well if you've played you know and if not, far be it from me to spoil it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxx View Post
    I still hang with frobber's AKOTP.
    That campaign sounds familiar - 9 missions or so? I remember it as one of the first FM's that I knew of, and unfortunately I don't think I made it past chapter 2 or 3. I seem to remember some really, really long stretches of walking past featureless walls. Just seemed to take a long time to get anywhere. If it had a story line, I guess I didn't get far enough into it.

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    It did...just some of it was probably too large for its own good. Just because you know how to build rockets doesn't men you have the whole game thing surrounded...but he sure gave it the 'ol "college try."

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